Annual Festival Creole promoting tourism to the Creole World

As the Haitian Government still runs with the goal of making Haiti a bigger, better tourist country, they've embraced marketing strategies and hosted events aimed at luring people from America, Europe and other far away countries. Also, they have thought up a way to garner interest in Haiti from those a bit closer to home.


The Festival Creole, held in the Seychelles for the past 28 years, is by far, the most patronized event in the Creole-speaking world. It is, in fact, the only one of its kind within the Creole Community of Nations. Showing the best in Creole talent offered in the various countries home to people of that characteristic, the festival highlights the best on offer from the more well-known as Creole countries such as: Mauritius, the Seychelles--a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, and La Reunion, as well as those in the Caribbean and North America including the Creole found in Louisiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Haiti.

The press for the festival has been steadily growing, offering, in this year's outing, a much needed boost to the perception of Haiti in publications throughout the United Kingdom. During the World Travel market Tourism Trade Fair, articles detailing Haiti's new push for tourism were mapped out, a plus for the country as these trade fairs are traditionally used for just such a purpose. Despite the fact that the festival isn't staged in Haiti, the added exposure for Haitian culture, highlighted as it was this year by local acts such as Emeline Michel, engenders lots of residual press.

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