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FLASH - Travel ban issued to all 9 members of Pierre-Louis Opont CEP and Mosler Georges

Just as Mr. Francois Benoit was delivering the report of the Commission of Verification to the government, the current CEP and the public, Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger was also buzy issuing travel bans. Last night, Mr. Leger issued travel ban to all 9 members of the former CEP of Pierre-Louis Opont CEP and Mosler Georges

The reason is for failure in their mission of verification of the conformity of the process. The infractions included in his travel ban include: fraud and fraud in public writing causing grave prejudices to some of the candidates

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1.5 million Dollars or Wilson Laleau for the release of Eustache St Lot

The president of BMPAD Eustache St Lot should know by now that Minister Wilson Laleau is not a real. Because he did not show up, the president of BMPAD was obligated to spend his entire weekend in Preventive detention. In addition, Minister Laleau doesn't show any sign that he will come to the rescue of his friend. According to an interview with Marie Lucie Bonhomme at Radio Vision 2000, on Monday (May 30, 2016), Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger is still waiting for Minister Wilson Laleau to confront Eustache St Lot. The two have been contradict each other in recent deposition in the case related to ED'H.

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Wilson Laleau or Eustache Saint-Lot, one is not telling the truth on PetroCaribe

Two high officials of the Martelly government are in front of Danton Leger. One of them is not telling the truth about PetroCaribe fund. Is it former Minister of Economy and Finance, Wilson Laleau or General Manager of the Office of Monetization of Development Aid Programs (BMPAD), Eustache Saint-Lot? However Government Commissioned will know soon who is lying.

Eustache Saint-Lot is currently being kept at a Police station under the directorate of Public Procecutor until Wilson Laleau returns from a trip abroad. Danton Leger has plan to hear the two men in the same place and at the same time because they contradict each other at separate hearing.

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Roro Nelson, now a fugitive sougth by INTERPOL

Roro Nelson is now a fugitive from Haitian justice, fleeing from custody. He is a wanted person. Government Commissioner Danton Leger was shocked to see Roro Nelson on Television participating in the Haitian musical event in Miami, Florida recently.

After more than 20 complaints against him with several court invitations left answered, Government Commissioner Danton Leger had issued an Arrest warrant against Roro Nelson. However; like many people, he was surprised to see Roro Nelson in Miami, performing with former President Michel Martelly. Mr. Leger intends to seek the help of The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to capture Roro Nelson and bring him to justice

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Laurent Lamothe and Wilson Laleau invited to Parquet

Government Commissioner Danton Leger is once again making waves. He has invited both former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau to appear in front of him next week. the chief prosecutors of Port-au-Prince wants to audition former Prime Minister Lamothe on his management of the PetroCaribe funds and also 5 billion gourdes released following hurricane Sandy .

Both former government officials are scheduled for next week. Wilson Laleau is invited to the Parque next Monday at 10:00 a.m. and Mr. Laurent Lamothe, on Tuesday at 10 am

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Warrant issued against Roro Nelson after shunned two invitations

Contrary to what many people thought, Roro Nelson did show the weight of his "Melon" by not showing once again to an invitation on Friday of Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince Danton Leger. After mocking the Haitian justice, a warrant was issued to forcefully bring him to court. According to spokesman prosecutors Mirlande Dupiche Prévost, the warrant was issued against Roro Nelson after he shunned two invitations of the Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince me Danton Leger.

To be continued..........

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Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Me Jean Danton Leger

Who will finally retreat. Two people with strong personality and self confidence are in a fight to show to the public who is the strongest. After much publicized invitation of Roro Nelson to present in Court yesterday, the man neither showed his face not present any excuse for his absence.

Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to answer to those complaints brought against him. In a press conference, the chief of Parquet of Port-au-Prince yesterday stated that a second letter will be sent shortly to Roro Nelson, inviting him once again. If he continues to ignore the request, actions provided by Haitian justice system will be taken against him.

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Danton Leger issued Travel interdiction to businessman Marc Antoine Acra

The new Government Commissioner, Jean Danton Léger, is not wasting any time in his new function as he is already involved in some of the most important cases in the nation. Acording to, Jean Danton Léger stated on April 5, 2016 in the popular radio station Scoop FM that he has already reviewed the case of drug found in a cargo of sugar belonging to businessman Marc Antoine Accra. He also notice several important document missing from the file. Danton Leger has issued travel interdiction for several individuals he believes can bring light on the matter, including businessman Marc Antoine Acra and a general manager in public l`administration

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Jean Danton Leger, new Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince

Jean Danton Leger has been named the new Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince and entered in function on April 1, 2016. He replaces Clamé Ocnam Daméus. As a note, this in not the first time Jean Danton Leger is Government Commissioner. He occupied this function before in the jurisdiction of Jacmel, his home town. The fifty one year old Danton Leger is also a former Deputy of Léogâne

On Friday, April 1, 2016, the former Deputy Jean Danton Léger was sworn in as the new Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince. He was sworn in by the Dean of the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Port-au-Prince, Mr. Bernard St-Vil. He was installed into his new responsibility, replacing his interim predecessor Mr. Clamé-Ocnam Daméus who was formerly appointed replacing Mr. Kerson Darius Charles after the famous trial of Sonson Lafamilia. As the new Chief of Public Prosecutions, Danton has promised to respect the image of the Justice represented by a blindfolded woman who is unbiased of the color, gender and social status of the people seeking justice before her.

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