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Haiti National Dialogue has began, to what end?

This is something that has forever been in the public forum in Haiti. From Political Parties to religious, social and business sectors, many have been asking for a National Dialogue to bring all Haitians together. Now here is my question: Is this the real national dialogue we have been asking for?

Under the auspices of cardinal Chibly Langlois, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Haiti, a new attempt is taking place to finally bring all Haitians together; however there are many barriers that need to be crossed before we can actually get to a real National Dialogue.

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Solution to question Dodging in political debate

Politicians are experts at what is called the dodge.

If a debate moderator asks a question on a topic, the candidate starts to answer as if they are going to address it.

They begin with a generality, for instance, 'there are so many problems facing America today'. But then they thwart the question by going off-topic. The viewer doesn't notice the shift between the question asked and the answer given. This occurs because viewers' limited attention spans focus on trying to assess if they like the candidate or not.

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Ranmase Saturday ritual on Haiti Radio Caraibes

In Port-au-Prince in Haiti every Saturday, on the radio version of CNN's Crossfire, critics, politicians, wanting to be kingmakers, all arrive for a chance to spar verbal swords, accuse and debate on the future of Haiti.
Political Firefight

They are all ready to have the opponents shredded in the war to shape opinion of the public. There is no stop clock, no audience in the studio, no applause meter. The only thing to hear is the amplified sound of voices in Creole accent that emanate all through the city.

This political firefight is tuned into by all listeners from Haiti, Paris, Montreal and Miami. This is all happening in a nation where there has been a repression of free speech right from historical times.

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How to conduct a good Debate and win it

During election season, candidates often challenge each other to a series of debates.

This is a both a risk and a window of opportunity for them. If they succeed, their poll numbers go up, and if they fail, they may lose votes. With so much at stake, it's prudent to prepare for the debate, so as to raise the chances of winning. Here are some guidelines to prepare for one.

When you reach the podium, have written down on your notepad three items you want to emphasize during the debate. When the moderator asks a question, think if one of your items can be inserted as part of the answer.

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Getting Away From Uncomfortable And Awkward Questions

There will come a time when you are asked a question you do not want to answer.

These questions might be too personal, uncomfortable or awkward for you. In such situations, however, it is hard to simply refuse to answer the question because if you do, people would get suspicious. Also, you might come off as defensive or lying. Given this, you have to learn how to dodge such questions properly and easily.

Remember that facial expression is important. If you show that you are surprised or uncomfortable with the question, then that might just display your true feelings. So, it is better to stay as neutral as possible.

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The entire debate between Martelly and Manigat - Live in Video

With just 10 days left before the big day, March 20, or the 2011 Final Haiti election, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly confronted each other in a live debate.

As always, you can expect for the "Haitian Joudalist" to find the event and bring it live to you. Our job is to bring you the information, you make your own conclusion.

We were able to find the debate between Manigat and Martelly live in video and want to bring it to you so that you can be educated on each candidate.

The fight between the Musician Sweet Micky and the professor Mirlande Manigat is here. It is distributed in ten separate video.

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