Getting Away From Uncomfortable And Awkward Questions

There will come a time when you are asked a question you do not want to answer.


These questions might be too personal, uncomfortable or awkward for you. In such situations, however, it is hard to simply refuse to answer the question because if you do, people would get suspicious. Also, you might come off as defensive or lying. Given this, you have to learn how to dodge such questions properly and easily.

Remember that facial expression is important. If you show that you are surprised or uncomfortable with the question, then that might just display your true feelings. So, it is better to stay as neutral as possible.

Changing the subject is an effective way of getting away from an awkward question but do not do it so suddenly and straightforwardly. What you must do is to give a neutral answer and then change the topic. For instance, a friend asked you if you will go to a certain party. If in case you don't want to answer this question directly, you can answer with a simple "maybe." Then, change the subject by talking about something completely different from the party. You can ask your friend about something that interests him. This way, you are veering away from his question.

When dodging an uncomfortable question, keep in mind that you have to do it naturally. Otherwise, the other person would notice that you do not want to answer the question and that you are changing the subject. If this happens, that person would probably keep pushing you for an answer.

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