The PNH takes control of camp Lamentin, more than 50 arrests

Some incidents that have been happening around Haiti have shocked many and are making the government look powerless. Men who claim to be former demobilized soldiers have been taking over former military bases, including camp Lamentin and causing a lot of fear and terror among Haitians.


50 arrests have been done so far under two separate operations; Lamentin and Bon Repos operations. The measures taken are worth as the men had earlier come in front of the national palace with full armor, though they did not do any harm anyone. Analysts think that there are better ways to voice their demands.

While the prime minister was out of the country he said "I want to announce with great pride that we have managed to release the camp Lamentin, which the former demobilized soldiers' occupied illegally. I said in my Policy General that I would take immediate action. Today, I can tell you that the National Police occupy the camp Lamentin and there are many [former soldiers] who were arrested and others who have escaped. The important thing is that we control the camp and we will continue, for there is a rule of law that is respected in Haiti.

If Haiti wants to get ahead, it is necessary that we attract investors. If people trust us, we cannot have illegal forces around the country. The thing was done with professionalism, the whole operation went well. It is already a great victory for the police themselves in terms of trust, security of the country. I am very happy about it."

The secretary head of State for Public Security Réginald Delv said, "We think this is a great victory for the PNH, who with great courage conducted two operations Lamentin and Bon Repos. I must tell you that the operations began yesterday at the National Palace that led to the arrest of about 50 individuals. The other then the Lamentin, Camp Bon Repos was also occupied. We announced it [the operation] covertly; for we did not want put the lives of police officers in danger. Fortunately there is no blood that flowed, there were no casualties.

We are launching a clear message to all those who were there and who certainly have weapons in hand, the operations will not stop. There is no question of closing one side to open another. It is now important that the Government Commissioner continues to search for individuals that deserve be searched. It is important that justice be referred of what happened. We will continue to track down the people that we must stalk, so that we restore the authority of the State.

We tried to talk for a long time, we tried to communicate with the people who were there, unfortunately, and they decided to always get in front of the law. Again, this is a great victory for justice. The President Martelly spoke of a rule of law. He commended the PNH for its success so far in driving these men out of the Lamentin and Bon Repos camps, with a claim that their actions will definitely help to ease many Haitians who were becoming apprehensive.

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Subject: The PNH takes control of camp Lamentin, more than 50 arrests edit

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