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Yo ape anmede, entimide, pwovoke Ayisyen pou yo kite Ti Ayiti

Paske yo te ape fè fas ak pi wo lwaye, moun nan Ti Ayiti nan Miami ap di ase se ase. Nan Jedi, 3 Desanm, 2015, yon gwoup rezidan, pwopriyetè biznis ak aktivis kominotè te mete ansanm nan yon katye nan Ti Ayiti pou te pwotèste kont chanjman sa yo kote prix kay yo ape monte e yo oblije so nan yon kominote ke yo renmen anpil. Gen kèk nan devlopè ki enterese nan zòn nan yo te akize ki sèvi avèk arasman, entimidasyon pou fòse rezidan yo ak biznis lokal yo soti. Gen kèk moun kpote siy ak deklarasyon sa yo: "Nou vle rete", "non pou jantrifikasyon", "Little Ayiti se pa pou vann" ak plis ankò. Anpil moun nan zòn nan santi ke si yo pa aji, byento Little Ayiti pral disparèt.

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Dominique Anglade, member of Quebec Liberal Party

Dominique Anglade (born January 31, 1974) is a Canadian politician, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party. Since winning the National Assembly election of Quebec on November 9, 2015, she is representing the electoral district of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne.

She is an engineer, businesswoman and the former president of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ). Her father was a professor, geographer, writer, and the founder of the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her mother Mireille Neptune was a committed feminist. Her parents tragically died in the 2010 earthquake. Anglade has received many great accolades likes of "Young Global Leader 2014 (by World Economic Forum), Toussaint 2013 Award by the Young Haitian Chamber of Commerce of Montreal, the Quebec Order of Engineers (2011). In 2010, she chaired the Canadian Conference 150 on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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Little Haiti, Speckled With Art since At Least 1994, Before Wynwood

The Wynwood Art District, in the neighborhood of Miami was founded in the early 2003 by a group of art dealers, artists and curators. Once it was a home of over 70 galleries and museums and was a haven for local artists in the early 2000s.

Gradually, Wynwood district became the epicenter of new Miami. The sudden surge in the real estate price, gentrification and higher rent forced many artists and gallery owners to migrate to some other nearby affordable locations while the art loving community kept moving towards Little Haiti. Unlike the art people of Wynwood, the artists and gallery owners of Little Haiti had preferred buying spaces instead of hiring.

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Dominique Anglade elected to the National Assembly of Quebec

Another first in Canada as the Haitian community is taking hold. Dominique Anglade who is a Canadian of Haitian origin was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec. She became the first woman of Haitian descent to join that body of power in Canada. As a member of Quebec Liberal Party, she will serve as representative of the district of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne

Haitian Kreyol:

Yon lòt premye nan Kanada kòm kominote ayisyen an ap kenbe. Dominique Anglade ki se yon Kanadyen ki gen orijin Ayisyen te eli nan Asanble Nasyonal nan Quebec. Li devenu premye fanm desandan ayisyen ki rantre nan kò sa ki gen anpil pouvwa nan Kanada. Li se yon manm nan Quebec Liberal Pati, li pral sèvi kòm reprezantan nan distri Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne

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Haitian Artist Jean Losier forged $4.5Millions in counterfeit bills

The Haitian artist Jean Losier did not think that creating beautiful painting painting was profitable enough. Hot involved instead in a more lucrative business. Prosecutors confirmed that he the artist had produced more than $4.5 million worth of counterfeit $50 and $100 bills at his Wellington art studio in Delray Beach.

WATCH VIDEO: Jean Losier Art

Unlike his real artwork, demand for his counterfeit $50 and $100 bills were high. Losier used a simple technic by bleached authentic $1 bills and then printed $50 and $100 on those bills. He had some some business partners who bought the fake bills at 10 cents on the dollar, In another way, they will purchase a pack of $10,000 fake bills $1,000.

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AACCLA Conference held to optimize Diaspora Investment in South Region Local Businesses

Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul opened the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA) on June 15th. The conference brought together 14 countries and almost 250 people to participate, centering on the theme "The Diaspora Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean". The focus at the conference was on how to funnel Diaspora investment to local businesses using best practices, and the economic initiatives to be developed to accomplish the goal.

Many foreign senior-level speakers joined ex-Bolivian President Jorge Fernando Quiroga in delivering opening remarks. They represented the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.; George Washington University; Heineken Americas; Western Union Caribbean; and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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Magic City Trailer Park History in Little Haiti

The Magic City Park in Little Haiti was a collection of historic tourist cabins along with a number of trailers. It was architecturally significant as a remarkably intact example of an early twentieth century tourist court in Miami. The manager's office, originally known as the Mikado Inn, was noteworthy for its detail, materials and craftsmanship. This 86- year old, 6.5-acre mobile-home community, surrounded by old oaks and a variety of other trees, is located in the section of Miami that is called Lemon City, also known today as Little Haiti.

This site of mobile homes for working-class families at 6001 NE 2nd Avenue in Little Haiti has been officially shut down on March 31, 2015. Now only the families of park's maintenance workers live there as the rest of the Magic City has been cleared. The property consists plenty of oaks and other trees like the variety of palm and avocado trees, strangler fig trees and other numerous "Category 1" invasive species, which are protected by the City of Miami's strict tree ordinance.

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Western Union and Sogexpress in Renewable Energy

Western Union is a Colorado based American financial services and communications company, a leader in global payment services. The company in association with one of their agents, Sogexpress (Société Générale Haitienne de Transferts) S.A., a subsidiary of Sogebank has launched a platform on July 23, 2015 to facilitate a payment gateway through which Haitian diaspora can remit 'Klere Ayiti's' renewable energy product to their family members living in Haiti.

Under the plan a dedicated website will collect order and receive payment for any renewable energy product items of 'Klere Ayeti' from a donor or any Haitian diaspora living anywhere in the world. Then the company will process the payment for the solar light to an agent in Miami and provide the contact information of the recipient family to that agent so that it can enable the delivery to the beneficiary in Haiti.

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How safe is it for a Haitian Diaspora to retire in Haiti?

As we may all know already, Yves Dambreville who spent 33 years with Boston Police was gunned down in Haiti in Haiti and killed. Like many Haitians diaspora, few years ago he probably was counting days before retirement, planning on how he wanted to his time. One of the many options he considered was to return back home and provide his knowledge to his beloved country of Haiti. However, that was not to be. A member of the very group in the society that could have benefited from all that experience, commitment, etc. has decided to put an end to his life.

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Should Birthright Citizenship be eliminated in the US?

I don't know if you have been following the surge of Donald Trump in the poll for the Republican party in the united States. Whatever the reasons are, it seems like he has been connecting with the population more than the other Republican candidates. One of the issues that is of priority to him is immigration. Like many others, Donald Trump thinks the United States should abolish Birthright citizenship.

For us Haitian this issue is even more important as we are at this time dealing with the problem of Birthright. Our neighbor, the Dominican Republic, has decided to deport to Haiti not only those who have been emigrating illegally but also their children, whether or not they were born in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans of Haitian descent have been stripped of their citizenship rights.

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