Haitian found dead, hands and feet tied, hanged on tree in DR

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, the body of a Haitian man was found hanged from a tree in the Dominican Republic in the latest of a series of crimes that may be race related. Other possible motives for the murder -- a likely conclusion drawn by the police as the man, 23 years old, had his hands and feet tied -- is that the man, known as 'Tulile' had been killed for a winning lottery ticket valued at 6,000 pesos.


The dead man, Henry Claude Jean, was employed as a shoeshine man outside the compounds of the Cabral y Báez hospital, where he also solicited commissions to get money to lenders. The identification was done by some of his countrymen after his body was discovered hanged from a tree in the Ercilia Pepin park in Santiago. The killing, and the recent burning of the Haitian flag in another Santiago community, sector Los Ciruelitos, sparked rumors of the continued hatred of Haitians within the Dominican Republic's communities. It is said that groups opposing a union of the two countries in places such as Santo Domingo and Santiago could be behind the rebellions.

A group of six students from Haiti, living in Santiago, went in search of the deceased's wife after the news broke about his murder. His spouse and grieving sister were then taken by the group to give an interview on a diaspora radio station about the lynching. On the program, the group and the man's two relatives spoke about the allegedly false report being made by the police that the murder was conducted by two unknown assailants of Haitian origin. As of yet, the police have given no information to the new widow about her husband's death.

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