Jean Claude Duvalier and Michèle Bennett's wedding, a mulatto Noirisme alliance

The state-sponsored wedding between Former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier and a member of the Mulato elite in Haiti,Michèle Bennett, was reported to be one of the most expensive weddings of the time.


This wedding also comes to signal a new alliance in the Haitian society, The union represents a new aliance between Noirisme that has been promoted by the Duvalierists and the mulatto elite class.

Michèle Bennett was the daughter of a wealthy coffee merchant. Her father, Ernest Bennett, took advantage of his presidential connection to increase his wealth.

Many of the supporters of Jean Claude's father were not trilled about his new union either. As a Mulato, Michèle Bennett, represents one of the very same forces that the Duvalierists Noirisme movement has been fighting

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Se pa de lajan ke Maryaj Jean Claude Duvalier ak Michel Bennett te koute an 1980. Moun sa yo pa te pè depabse di tou. Yo rapote ke maryaj la koute plis ke 5 milion dolar Amerikin.

Te gin yon lot bagay tou. mariaj sa te reprezante yon melanj Grimo Tet Grin Ak ti Neg. Se te yon bagay Pè Francois tape goumin anpil pou ti neg nwè kapab okipe gro plas nan Gouvenman-an, et pi tout din kou Jean Claude decide pou li marye avek yon Milat

Mwin tande min Manman simone te gin problem ak nos sa.

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Subject: Jean Claude Duvalier and Michele Bennett's wedding, a mulatto Noirisme alliance edit

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