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Haitians in Dominican Republic demand the delivery of their passports

Several dozens of Haitians have been demonstrating in front of the Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo to demand the delivery of their passports. Many stated that it has been over 5 Months since they applied for their passport, when the paid US $ 110 and they are still waiting to receive them

These people have been waiting for these passports which will enable them to take advantage of the new normalization program in Dominican Republic. The program is expected to end in may, 2015

Kreyol Pale kreol kompran

Ayisyen nan sSt Domingue revolte avek Ambasad Ayisyen-an. Pliziè moun payee 110 Dolar Amerikin pou Passpor yo, jisja prezan, Consil Ayisyen-a pa bay yo.

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Interruption of the production of Haitian passports

From April 21 to April 25, 2014, if you need a new Haitian passport, you are just out of luck. The Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities will not be issuing any passport.

According to Réginal Delva, the new Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities, the Haitian Government has temporary interrupted the production of Haitian passports.

The decision has been made to respond to new international requirements and the modernization of of passport personalization systems.

There are many places where you can obtain a Haitian passport and it doesn't matter whether you live in Haiti or anywhere in the world. Here are the places where you can go to solve any problem related Haitian Passport, document processing or to legalize your status

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Service of immigration and emigration, Haitian passport valid for 10 years ready, but not available

Thousands of hopeful Haitians await the issuance of their blue and silver embossed passports, to be granted to them by the Republic of Haiti. They have waited for two years to hear from President Michel Martelly that, while their passports are now ready, they have not yet been made available. So, it is with bated breath, vexation and anxiety that the applicants wait to hear how this extensive delay will affect their fees applicable.

According to the Director General of the immigration and emigration service, Claude Raymond Junior, what they await is the go-ahead from the Martelly Government, allowing them to begin issuing the passports.

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Faster, more accessible, secure E-passport for Haitians

Is this for real? or furthermore, is this possible? The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that the Haitian government promised to introduce a new biometric e-passport. What makes it strange to me is that the government promised that the new e-passport will be faster more secure and accessible.

The system will be connected with the FBI and Interpol in real time. Anyone who had any problem with "Uncle Sam" in the past or is thinking about not having a beautiful relationship with him, I have news for you. He will be looking at you.

According to the report, the way the E-passport will work is that each location will be connected to a central processing system. The central processing or Database will analyze the information and send back appropriate information to the the various locations.

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