Does Haiti really belong to Haitians or is this a Dream

The discussions held in spring at the "Who 'Owns' Haiti?" symposium by Colin Granderson, who was the head of the CARICOM-OAS Electoral Mission in Haiti in 2010-2011, brought to the public the confirmation that the international community had tried to convince then-president Réné Préval to leave, during the elections held.


The idea that President Préval was offered a plane to fly out of the country in November 2010 had been previously revealed by Ricardo Seitenfus, former OAS Special Representative to Haiti. As the refusal came, the issue was no longer something to be immediately explained, but it comes to the attention of the international community once again in Raoul Peck's documentary "Fatal Assistance," that reveals that the person making the direct proposal was the head of the U.N. mission in Haiti at the time, Edmond Mulet.

The electoral process war was highly endangered at that time, but, as the international community stood up together with the representatives of the private sector, the issue was solved and the elections were saved.

The danger of having the elections cancelled was, way too soon, followed by the intervention of the international community calling on President Préval to leave the country, and this seems to be an on-going process, as a team from the OAS was then called in to analyze the results of the elections. The result of the intervention was the entrance of Michel Martelly. The trend is to be analyzed at future elections of Haiti.

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