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Pierre Esperance rejects questions on integrity in affair Joseph Lambert and Edo Zenny

As they've made it their mission to question the goings on of any and all individuals, entities or even the government as they relate to issues of human rights and justice, it is a point of irony that the RNDDH, (The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) has, itself, been called out on the integrity of its dealings in the affair concerning former Senator, Joseph Lambert and current Senator, Edwin Zenny.

The organization had received the official testimony against the senators and the accusation is that the RNDDH has been subjective and have delineated towards a decidedly partisan opinion. The two senators were accused of being directors of the Kakos criminal syndicate. Their accuser, Sherlson Sanon, gave a testimony that was notarized, stating that Zenny and Lambert had issued him orders to commit various crimes including electoral fraud, drug trafficking and murder.

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Senator Edwin "Edo" Zenny said he does not know Sherlson Sanon, never met him

South East's 1st Senator, Edwin "Edo" Zenny, went in a defensive mode on Friday July 5th, 2013 against the accusations made by Sherlson Sanon. Sanon, a 25 year old man from Jacmel, Haiti publicly confessed that the Senator had approached him to commit several crimes. Zenny, who spoke without a lawyer, said on Thursday, July 4, that he chose lawyer to speak on behalf of him to the press but with the accusations of Sanon made public on Thursday night, Edwin felt it necessary to defend himself.

Edwin denied all accusations made by Sherlson Sanon in his public confession and said that he never met Sanon. Edwin questioned about the meeting place with Sanon, if at all they actually met and ask Sanon to plot the the crimes as mentioned by Sanon in his public confession.

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Allegation that Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) spits at Judge Bob Simonis' Face

The first Senator of Southeast, Edwin Zenny, was unable to control his anger last Saturday. He actually committed one of the most despicable act to a fellow Haitian. While judge of Peace in Jacmel, Bob Simonis and Professor Pierre Lucien participated in a radio show hosted by the journalist Etzer Pierre, he got involved in an exchange with the first senator of South-East, Edwin Zenny (Edo) who was not invited into the show.

Senator Zenny who is a close ally of President Michel Martelly called judge Bob Simonis a thief on the radio station, following the release of these four individuals. As you can imagine, the situation got worse. Ultimately, according to report, Senator Edwin Zenny, not being able to reach judge Bob Simonis to punch his face, did the next best thing. According to reports in all the media, he would collect mucus and spit on the face of judge Bob Simonis. Professor Pierre Lucien who was seating close by the judge also received a good portion of the Senator's spit as well.

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