Leslie Manigat - educator and professor

Leslie Francois Saint Roc Manigat was the full name of Leslie Manigat and he was born on August 16th 1930 in Port-au-Prince. He was an educator and a professor of world history and worked at the I'Universite' de Paris- VIII Vincennes.


An Academician

Leslie Manigat published articles in many Haitian newspapers. Even though his interest was in the field of education, he had a stint in the political stage of Haiti. He contested for the post of the President along with ten other candidates.

This election which was held on January 17th 1988 was a military held election and it was completely under their control. Leslie Manigat won with 50.29% of votes but the voter turnout was very poor, less than 10%. The military controlled election must have been the reason for the poor turnout.

The organizations that monitored the elections and some historians state that though this election was under the control of the military, it was well conducted and one of the most democratic election that Haiti had ever seen.

Leslie Manigat appointed Martial Celestin as his Prime Minister and this was done in March while he took over in February. His presidential tenure was not to last long because he was ousted in a coup led by Gen. Henri Namphy on June 20th 1988.

Award for Literature

Leslie Manigat was contested in the presidential election in February 2006 and could not succeed due to the Coup D'Etat. His wife, Mirlande Manigat, was contested in the 2010 presidential elections. She could not succeed in winning her election.

Though his stint in the political front did not prove to be successful, he proved himself as an academician with articles and lectures on world history. Leslie Manigat won the Haiti Grand Prize of literature in the year 2004 and this was awarded at the Miami Book Fair International 2004.

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