Paul Arcelin, Haitian Teacher, Writer

Paul Arcelin, a Haitian by birth, lived in exile in Canada during Duvalier's dictatorship regime. He married a Canadian woman with who he had 2 children. After Duvalier's fall in 1986, Arcelin was offered to become General William Regala's Special Adviser. He also served as Haitian Ambassador to Dominican Republic during the rule of Avril government. Paul Arcelin also went up against Jean Bertrand-Aristide and along with Guy Philippe, he played a very crucial role in Haitian rebellion of 2004. It was during this rebellion that Paul Arcelin was interviewed a few times. All his interviews are today available with Radio Canada.


After Aristide was overthrown, Arcelin stayed back in Haiti to help the country to restore its political and economic stability. As far as Arcelin's education is concerned, he studied in Paris, Venezuela, Caracas, Jamaica and Kingston. While studying in Paris, he worked on his thesis named 'Integration Dominican Republic-Haiti' which was presented at the Sorbonne University and received praise from Juan Bosch, the former president of Dominican Republic. From University of Ottawa, Arcelin obtained a Master's Degree in Administration.

Paul Arcelin taught at Université du Québec à Montréal. He also taught at Dominican Republic's Santo Domingo's Marine Academy of War and in Bogotá, Colombia's Javeriana University. In Quebec, he taught French and history in various schools. He co-founded Haiti Recovery Inc. with Irving Davidson and was also a co-founder of Humanitarian Organization called OHUBARDO. He also worked as a writer for various well-known newspapers like Observateur, El Tiempo and El Nacional.

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