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Jude Celestin, No election without Independent commission Investigation

The candidate under the banner LAPEH, Jude Célestin, refuses to meet with the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

In a letter dated December 14, 2015, written in response to a request for a meeting with the CEP, Jude Celestin explained that any meeting would not be appropriate before the establishment of an Evaluation commissions in regard to the election results of October 25. He went further to say that a meeting at this time would even be superfluous without the establishment, without delay, of this Commission.

According to Jude Celestin, "We are now at a crossroads. As you, as an institution responsible for organizing credible elections, that I, presidential candidate, we have a duty to steer the country in the right direction, choose the right path by taking difficult and most courageous decisions."

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New York Times di Eleksyon Ayiti an te yon echek Colosal

Nou tout konnen lè New York Times jounal di yon bagay, nou tout koute epi jounal la te di anpil sou sa nou panse ki gen pou an Ayiti nan semèn oswa mwa kap vini yo.

Jounal la pandan fen semèn nan te pale kont fwod masiv nan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti. New York Times di pou premye fwa depi eleksyon ki sot pase a, gen yon kriz elektoral an Ayiti e li ap mande pou eleksyon lejitim.

Dapre jounal la, eleksyon nan mwa Oktòb sa te sijè falsifikasyon bilten vòt, vòt ilegal ak lòt abi ke yo te lajman denonse kòm ilejitim. Koulye a, New York Times refere li a eleksyon an kòm "yon echèk Colosal."

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No credible election possible under President Michel Martelly

As per the report submitted by two U.S. organizations of lawyers, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), although the election of October 25, 2015, was less violent than the earlier election on August 9th, it suffered a number of serious problems like low turnout, casting of multiple fraudulent votes, there were many complaints involving fraud and lack of transparency in the vote tabulation process.

The representative observers from these two organizations spent two weeks in Haiti prior to the election day, to observe the process and have ultimately called for an independent investigation of the October 25, 2015 election. As per Mario Joseph, Managing Attorney at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, who is also a member of the IADL's governing Bureau, 90% of the Haitian voters are of opinion that the presidential election on October 25th had been tainted by fraud. Mr. Joseph believes that no credible election is possible under President Michel Martelly's government. "A transitional government is required to properly investigate the fraud allegations and to hold new and fair elections."

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New Poll, Joven Moise should have been in Fourth position

The idea that the last election in Haiti was taken over by fraud is not only the perception of some of the candidates. The population is increasingly feeling the same way. According to poll conducted by a team of researchers with the Brazil-based Igarape Institute, public confidence in the Haitian society has plummeted from the time of the election to now. On November 25, 82 percent of the population considered the election was fair and that there was no fraud. However, few days ago, after the same question was asked, 90 percent of the population disagreed and believe that the election was rigged with massive fraud. Even more interesting, when the voters were asked who they voted for, only 6 percent said they voted for candidate Jovenel Moise, which would have placed him in fourth position.

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The CEP met the Opposition candiates (G8) for two hours

The meeting between the CEP and the members of the opposition took place in order to find a solution to the current election crisis. The so called G8 or presidential candidates of 8 political parties had a meeting with members of the CEP in order to put in place an independent commission to verify the vote sincerity of the election of October 25.

My question is that: How will that solve the current problem?

Samuel madistin, Jude Celestin, Sauveur Pierre etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean Charles Moise, Eric Jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant and Mario Andresol who were present at the meeting are not in the same position. Each has different interests. Let's take for example a new independent commission is put in place. What really constitute an "Independent Commission in Haiti"? How many candidates would accept the result of the so called independent Commission?

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UN denied UNOPS involvement in manipulating Haiti Election

The United Nations issued a note to deny ongoing allegations in the Haitian press that UNOPS has been involved in systematic manipulation of the last election. UNOPS which stands for United Nations Office for Project Services has been blamed for manipulation attempts in the past elections in Haiti in favor of PHTK political party.

For the election of August 9 and October 25, 2015, UNOPS was the entity with the responsibility to provide logistical support, including the delivery and recovery of sensitive materials from various voting centers in the country. UNOPS was also assisted by representatives of the CEP and also agents of the National Police of Haiti (PNH).

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CEP admitted to massive election fraud, what should be done?

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) made clear that after investigation and analysis that there were massive fraud in the last election. A list of various frauds were identified including actual votes superior to the voters of BV, number of National Identification Card (CIN) being different from that of the votes. In addition, the CEP found missing data with false CIN; in several BV, the minutes did nor correspond with the tally sheet. There were tricks in the way the votes were being counted: some of the results were entered in letter which did not correspond with the digits. Some PV were found with no LEP and much more.

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Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime accused his political party of election fraud

According to the information obtained by HaitiObservet.Com, Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé, Deputy of Cerca-Carvajal under the political party PHTK mades some shocking revelation of massive fraud. What makes the story so interesting is that those accusations were made against his own political party PHTK.

The revelations are as follows: A Canadian national, Sylvain Cotte, was recommended by the current head of the MINUStah in Haiti, Sandra Honore, to be hired for l'Unops, an organization responsible to provide logistic for the election in Haiti.

The Deputy of Cerca-Carvajal, Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé, accused Sylvain Cotte for his involvement in introducing false "Proce Verbal" during the transportation to the Tabulation Center in favor of candidate Jovenel Moise. According to Mr. Bien-Aime, the "Proce Verbal" switched were produced in addition, in the home of a relative of president Michel Martelly.

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FLASH - Haiti Election Results postponed for November 5

If you have been waiting for the election results to be published today, you will have to wait a little bit longer. The CEP just announced that the election results have been postponed for November 5. This decision came following the conclusion of a special commission put in place to investigate complaints of frauds following the election of October 25.

The special commission received a total of 162 complaints of irregularity and frauds during the last election; 43 of these complaints have been transferred to the Tabulation Center to be followed up. The CEP also announced that the conclusion of these investigations will be made public the moment they the investigation ends.

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Was Dieuseul Simon Desras right about potential Election Fraud?

Many people did not take formed Senator Dieuseul Simon Desras seriously when he was making some damaging accusation on the Martelly government about the the election of October 25. He mentioned that some members of the group rented a home belonging to Dr Guerin; "that if you go there you would see about 17 cars in front of that house with tinted windows, watching over the house day and night".

VIDEO REPORT: Was Dieuseul Simon Desras right about potential Election Fraud?

According to Senator Deras, this is the place where the government was involved in manufacturing ballots for the October 25 election.

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