How to conduct a good Debate and win it

During election season, candidates often challenge each other to a series of debates.


This is a both a risk and a window of opportunity for them. If they succeed, their poll numbers go up, and if they fail, they may lose votes. With so much at stake, it's prudent to prepare for the debate, so as to raise the chances of winning. Here are some guidelines to prepare for one.

When you reach the podium, have written down on your notepad three items you want to emphasize during the debate. When the moderator asks a question, think if one of your items can be inserted as part of the answer.

Pay attention to news reports of what issues your opponent has been focusing on. They may bring it up during the debate.

Role play with a surrogate candidate, who will attack you forcefully.

Prepare your attacks on them. Also prepare your rebuttals, practicing short and to-the-point answers to their clever catchphrases.

Don't forget to make your strongest arguments and sharpest attacks during the first half hour of the debate. This is when journalists and other political watchers are starting to draw conclusions. The first 30 minutes decide your fate.

Avoid challenging the moderator about the format. It will make you seem like a bad sport.

Always answer with a yes or no and then elaborate.

Pay attention to your opponent's remarks to find holes in their arguments. Don't focus too much on what your next response is going to be.

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