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Unrest, Violence Troubled Haitian Legislative Elections

Fourteen candidates, who ran in the Haiti's first-round legislative elections on August 9, have been disqualified by the state election officials following violent disturbances at voting stations across the country. Two people were killed amid violence; the percentage of polling was reported to be less than the expectation.

Three polling stations in the capital city were vandalized and 26 were shut down early after fights broke out. During this election, nearly six million eligible voters would choose 119 deputies and 20 senators from more than 1,800 candidates registered from 128 registered political parties. It is still unknown whether the disqualified candidates have won, because the winners have not yet been announced. The polling stations across the country were supposed to remain open between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. local time, but voters were frustrated at many stations because they opened late or were suspend to voting. They grew further exasperated when many of them could not find their names on the voter list. As a result, voting was extended for two hours at some polling stations. At the end of the day, Pierre-Louis Opont, the head of the country's Provisional Electoral Council, has said that 5 polling stations, about 5% of the total, were closed due to violence and other disruptions and one council staffer (Lucien Joseph Hébert) has vanished with election material!

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Ballot Tampering stuffing, A common practice in Haiti

Campaign season in Haiti is nearly always tense, with bi-partisan supporters of each party undercutting one other to get their candidate into office. A U.S. Department of Justice observer, who conducts immigration reviews for foreigners seeking refuge in the U.S., views the problem as two-fold.

First, voter-initiated fraud is driven by absence of a civil-service system, in which citizens can serve their communities in different capacities. Such positions are non-political and confer job stability. Not only is there job security, but also assurance of rising to higher levels of responsibility with commensurate pay.

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Did you know that Leon Manus is dead?

Leon Manus, former President of the CEP died on Friday, October 26, 2012 in New Hampshire in United states. This news really revived a period in Haiti of significant importance.

Do you remember that in turn of this century, Leon Manus fled to the United States while he was in charge of CEP in Haiti. He feared for his life after he did not agree to approve results of a contested legislative and local elections.

Publication of the results of the May 21 election has been delayed, with opposition parties charging that the voting and the count were fixed to ensure a huge victory for the Lavalas Family party of the country's former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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Violence in Haiti streets as Election day approaches

Haiti Presidential Election Ballot

This is a video report from Al Jazeera showing the level of violence in Haiti as election day approaches.

As you can see in the video, anger directed toward the political party Unite and Jude Celestin is rising. Election fever is becoming election fury as supporters of some of the political parties are destroying banners, posters or anything the opponent put out in the streets of Haiti.

Many people in Haiti will likely be intimidate to take to the streets on Sunday to cast their ballot. The U.N pledged full security and logistical support to ensure security on Sunday. Mr. Mulet, head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH has nearly 12,000 military and police personnel deployed around Haiti.

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Violence with the Haitian Election

There have been many incidents of violence in the election. Many people reported that rock throwing are common. Some people have been destroying the banners of some of the candidates. They reported that most of these acts of violence have been done by the supporters of candidate Jude Celestin. Other acts of violence include kidnapping, threats, etc. The "Conseil Electoral Provisoir" is saying that they can not do the job by themselves. They are relying on citizens to report incidents of violence. Other news related to the November election, all candidates are required to say where they found the money they are spending. Also they are required to say how they are spending the campaign fund.

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