Pierre Louis Opont, Gen yon Proveb ki di "Chen ki jape pa mode"

Pandan plizyè jou, Prezidan CEP an te di pap gen okenn komisyon ankèt, pandan ke li di tet dwat pou eleksyon pwograme pou 27 Desanm. Nan Lendi, Pierre Louis Opont yon fwa ankò, deklare ke pa gen kesyon Komisyon endepandan pou ankète eleksyon. Li di ke CEP an pa gen okenn dispozisyon legal Dekrè Elektoral an etabli pou sa. Dapre Opont ki te al lwen nan kritik l 'yo, klasifye manm nan G8 la tankou move pèdan. Pou manifestasyon ki nan lari san rete yo, li wè yo tankou taktik politik pou sèvi divès kalite enterè politik. Proveb la di: "Chen ki jape pa mode".


For several days, the president of the CEP has been saying no to a commission of inquiry and is pushing with speed toward the run off elections scheduled for December 27. On Monday, Pierre Louis Opont once again, stated that an independent Commission of Inquiry to verify all the Minutes for the last election will not happen on his watch. There is no legal provision in the Electoral Decree to establish such a Commission, According to Opont who went further in his critics to classify the members of the G8 who have been consistent in their demand as bad losers. As to the ongoing street protests, he sees them as political tactics, a way of positioning to serve various political interests.

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Subject: Pierre Louis Opont, Gen yon Proveb ki di "Chen ki jape pa mode" edit

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