Dumarsais Estime, Paul Magloire and Francois Duvalier shaped Haiti

Here is a picture of three major players in the history of haiti: Dumarsais Estime, Paul Magloire and Francois Duvalier


Dumarsais Estime came into power in haiti following a seven-month period of political wrangling. His administration was marked by confrontation with the American government.

The Noiriste government of Dumarsais Estime was noticed by many in the international community. Most Government jobs during his administration, specifically cabinet positions, were reserved for black professionals instead of members of the Mulato elite.

Focus was also on education where he built many provincial schools and expanded training for teachers

The government of Paul Magloire marked by an opening in tourism. During his administration, Haïti became a favorite tourist spot for US and European tourists. He also built roads, public buildings, and a dam. Women started to vote during his government and he was a party animal, staging numerous parties, social events, and ceremonies.

Francois Duvalier who was appointed Director General of the National Public Health Service under Dumarsais Estime, in 1957 campaigned as a populist, using a Noiriste strategy. His only opponent, Daniel Fignole was forced out of the country

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Subject: Dumarsais Estime, Paul Magloire and Francois Duvalier shaped Haiti edit

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