FATRA or Sirop de Miel

In Haiti, FATRA is one of the worst toxic enemies of our Honey Bee cultivation and production. As a Chemist, I use Sirop De Miel as a Substitute for granulated white sugar (sucrose). I, even use Sirop de Miel Sporadically to Make Intense Love.


During my recent trips to the motherland, I Experienced and Witnessed how Our Honey Bee Cultivation (Apiary Culture) Has been affected by the Immense Presence of the FATRA throughout the entire nation. Well, For the Sake our good HEALTH, and our Well-being as a nation...Could We Please STOP being Nocive to ourselves?

Obviously for years, I understand that the past and the present Governments barely Created Parks, so I have come to realize Why we are Creating our Own " FATRA Parks" on every Corner and Streets throughout the country.
For your Info, it's scientifically proven that FATRA Contaminates our Fresh AIR resulting into the decrease of the Forage, and the gradual Productions of our Local Sirop De Miel.

Consequently, as the flowing of the AIR Pollution increases, the survival skills of the Honey Bees decrease.

Slowly, Our Honey Bee die due to the AIR pollution-Modified plant Scent Molecules (For food intake) and Impacted greatly their travel distances, Lifespan, and lastly their Circadian Rhythms.

Countless of other factors have knowingly Contributed to the Degradation of our Honey Bee Colonies, and our Sirop de Miel Productions. I am writing this to YOU as a "concerned citizen "... I would Kindly Recommend You "the Local People" to Clean our streets, Cities, Neighborhoods, and our Diaspora to STOP throwing Trashes/Fatra all over while the Touring The Beloved Island.

Haiti, like the USA and other Countries have practically the Same "LITTERING Laws" too.

No Doubt, I Love my Sirop de Miel of any form of Colors, and I would rather Consume it anytime over the White Granulated Cancer Powder, and lastly I am not willing to DIE anytime Soon with any types of Diabetes because my I haven't lived life yet.

Be Informed and Say No to Fatra!

KtaLove Bertrand, The New Age Farmer

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