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Fednel Monchery said Jude Celestin became G8 hostage

As per Fednel Monchéry, the coordinator of the platform "Repon Peyizan", Jude Celestin is a victim of the latest election process. Sadly, he became a hostage after joining a bad company like the 'Group G8' because all other members of the group are losers except Jude and they are preventing him to participate in the final runoff.

Out of the total percentage of vote obtained (49.81%) by the G8 members, Celestine under LAPEH banner alone bagged 25.27% vote, while the remaining seven members were left with the total of 24.54%. Jovenel Moïse's success in the first round election, with 32.81% votes against 25.27% of Jude Célestin, was little unexpected because Celestine had a pre-election approval rating of 33.4% while Moise was much behind in the second place with 17.5% approval. Celestin should understand this.

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