Ricky Jean-Francois, professional American football player

Ricky Jean-Francois is one of the Haitian descent football players in the US. He is a player for the American football nose tackle for the San Francisco 49ers a team he has been involved with for a while now. He was born in the US despite the fact that his parents were from Haiti. They had moved to the US during one of those moments when the country was experiencing high political turmoil and there were constant demonstrations and killings.


Ricky Jean-Francois was born in 1986 and attended school in the city of Miami. He then preceded to college at Louisiana State where he joined the football team and where he began his career in the game. He also was awarded various titles during this time including the 2007 LSU Tigers football team where he was the Defensive MVP of the 2008 BCS National Championship Game.

Jean Francois was also a member of the LSU track & field team. He has played the game for quite some time now that he is nothing but a success story when it comes to American football. He has had various major winnings where he has shown exceptional talent and ability unlike in his younger years where he was less involved in the sport.

Ricky Jean-Francois finally was able to get into the national teams after being selected on April 26, 2009 as a 7th round draft pick for the 49ers. He has ever since been playing for them and has made it possible for them to make various winnings that they have greatly benefited from. He is one of the players that have shown how great a talent they have and how much they can achieve if they set their effort and mind to the task.

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Jean Francois says...

I congratulated you for this article.

Ricky will be one of the best defensive end in the future.

is a good football player and he can play all of side in the

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