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William Joseph, American football player with Haitian Roots

William Joseph is a professional American football player. His last National Football League team to play for was the Oakland Raiders. His interest for the game began while he was at Edison High School. He has Haitian Roots.

He schooled at the University of Miami where he started every game. William Joseph gained popularity from his college football career. As a junior, William Joseph was third-team All-American recognition by the Associated Press and second-team All-Big East in 2001. He began as a defensive end but later moved to defensive tackle.

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Elvis Dumervil, professional American football player

Elvis Dumervil is one of the players born of Haitian parents who had immigrated to the states during one of those moments of high political instability and had to escape to safety settling in the US in Miami best known as little Haiti. He grew up with 10 other children that his parents raised and became one of the best football players that the country has.

Elvis Dumervil was drafted into the football national teams by NFL in 2006 on the 4th round while he played college football in Louisville. He attended college at University of Louisville where his playing began with a very low turnout. He was about to be redshirt by the coach but due to injuries to other players he just continued playing until the year 2005 when everything changed. He rose with a sudden uprising that everyone was astonished.

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Wyn Belotte, Canadian football player with Haitian roots

Wyn Belotte is a promising Canadian footballer who was a standout at the Nantes youth academy. The academy club is recognised for its rigid but effective youth system, as well as the national teams at 17. Belotte scored four goals in World Under-17 Championship qualifying tournament. Then he decided he wanted first-team football and bolted to Norkopping in the Swedish Premier where he couldn't play until turning 18.

Though Belotte's parents were from Haiti, he was born in Canada in 1984. He is not the first footballer of his family as his uncle André played for the Haiti national soccer team of under-16. Belotte was called for the youth national team for the World Youth Cup competition in 2001.

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Steve Octavien, American football player with Haitian Roots

American football linebacker Steve Octavien was born in 1984 in Naples, Fla though his parents are from Haiti.

Octavien joined Illinois instead of his own Naples Lely High School and played for three seasons. He could only manage to play 4 matches for William Rainey Harper College in the year of 2004 because of soulder injury. Still he earned his rank at No. 4 linebacker in junior college in that year. Besides, he was a track standout of the college. He earned a position in Big 12 Commissioner's Spring Academic Honor Roll in 2005.

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Vernand Morency, American football player with Haitian roots

Vernand Morency is a famous former American Footballer who used to play as running back in National Football League. He was born on February 4 in 1990 in Miami Florida. His parents were Haitian natives.

Morency's childhood was quite disciplined as he started working as early as five years of age in their family business of real estate. This made him strong both physically and mentally and resulted to his success in his baseball and football career.

Vernand Morency won the honors of All-America in both baseball and football. He was a letterman in both the sports during his days in Northwestern High School in Miami.

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Vladimir Ducasse, professional American football player

Vladimir Ducasse is a Haitian-American football player. He was born and raised in Haiti where his family lived until 2002 when he moved to the US and attended school at Stamford High School in Stamford, Connecticut. There he joined the school's team and became one of the best players in the school. He therefore continued with the sport until he got to college where his talent grew and nurtured to the point that he got better at it.

Vladimir Ducasse is one of the few players lucky enough to have been selected by the NFL association in 2010 in the second round of the drafting where he was ranked 62nd. It was a great chance he got since it is one of the hardest things for an immigrant to make it to the national teams and as such he got it in a very notable manner.

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Rashad Jeanty, professional American football player

Rashad Jeanty is an American football linebacker with Haitian background. He has been a defensive end in Canadian football. He studied in Carol City High School. The Miami Herald rated him as fourteenth best player in the country and 6th best player in Florida.

Jeanty played for 4 years in Canadian football League for Edmonton Eskimos before he left for National Football League in 2006. He joined Cincinnati Bengals in the league. He also was part of the football team of University of Florida before he joined Canadian Football League.

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Ricky Jean-Francois, professional American football player

Ricky Jean-Francois is one of the Haitian descent football players in the US. He is a player for the American football nose tackle for the San Francisco 49ers a team he has been involved with for a while now. He was born in the US despite the fact that his parents were from Haiti. They had moved to the US during one of those moments when the country was experiencing high political turmoil and there were constant demonstrations and killings.

Ricky Jean-Francois was born in 1986 and attended school in the city of Miami. He then preceded to college at Louisiana State where he joined the football team and where he began his career in the game. He also was awarded various titles during this time including the 2007 LSU Tigers football team where he was the Defensive MVP of the 2008 BCS National Championship Game.

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Pierre Thomas, American football player with Haitian origin

Pierre Thomas is one of the successful professional American football players with Haitian origin. He is a running back for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League.

Alongside Pierre Garçon of the Indianapolis Colts and Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints, Thomas is Haitian American Football player with a remarkable reputation. His career choice in American football was inspired by his mother and cousin. He has also drawn a lot of inspiration from his hero Barry Sanders, former running back for the Detroit Lions.

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Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis Colts, Wide receiver

He is an American football player of a Haitian descent. Pierre Garcon was born in America though his parents were from Haiti where they had moved to the US during one of the political situations in the country which were very common during the days. They had immigrated to the US seeking refuge and had their children born there.

Pierre Garcon is one of the famous football players known all over the country out of his abilities and exceptional talent. He plays for the Washington Redskins of the National Football Leagueevent since being drafted in 2008 by the NFL. He attended high school at John I. Leonard High School in Greenacres, Floridawhere he participated in various co-curricularactivities all involving sports such as soccer, tracks and American football.

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