Foreign Aid Haitian Projects Denied Freezing Aid From Canada

Julian Fantino, the Minister for International Cooperation has reported that programs that are underway in Haiti would be funded by his department. However the new projects will not be funded as of now.


Funding Old Programs Only
Future related to funding seems to be cloudy after a Ottawa report stating that money to the Caribbean country for funding projects has been frozen. A story was published by La Presse, in Montreal that Julian Fantino was not very happy with lack of progress in Haiti when he visited it in November last year.

Programs that are underway will continue to be funded but not the new ones. On Friday, the Canadian International Development Agency released a statement, stating that the headline in the report was not indicative of whatever the Minister said.

Long Term Engagement Strategy Reviewed
Engagement strategy over the long term in Haiti is being reviewed by Canada, for taxpayer dollar maximization on lessons learnt, results that have been achieved and priorities and needs of government of Haiti. If in case there is any crisis that arises on humanitarian levels, then emergency needs will be supported by the CIDA.

Between April 2006 and March 2012, more than one million dollars have already been committed to Haiti by Canada. Corruption and weak institutions that govern Haiti, and slow progress in Haiti remain a concern for Canada, states the department.

Temporary Fund Freezing
After the 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake the struggle in Haiti continues. Millions were displaced, the infrastructure was devastated and thousands were killed in the earthquake. Fantino states that his main job is to ensure that Canada gets value for the development bucks spent overseas.

Former governor general of Haiti, Michelle Jean born in Canada just hopes that the funding freeze is temporary. If a rebuilding process for the long term is to be ensured then money allocation to Haiti must be thought of properly she states.

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