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Foreign Aid Haitian Projects Denied Freezing Aid From Canada

Julian Fantino, the Minister for International Cooperation has reported that programs that are underway in Haiti would be funded by his department. However the new projects will not be funded as of now.

Funding Old Programs Only
Future related to funding seems to be cloudy after a Ottawa report stating that money to the Caribbean country for funding projects has been frozen. A story was published by La Presse, in Montreal that Julian Fantino was not very happy with lack of progress in Haiti when he visited it in November last year.

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Canada to stop funding new aid projects in Haiti, said Julian Fantino

We just learned that the International Co-operation Minister in Canada, Julian Fantino, made a shocking announcement regarding Haiti. During an interview in Motreal, he said that he was disappointed at what he considered the lack of progress in Haiti during his November visit.

"Canada will stop funding new aid projects in Haiti until Ottawa finds a better way for Haiti to help itself", said Julian Fantino

There goes the majority of our annual budget

According to the Canadian official, Canada has been one of the biggest donors to Haiti, delivering $1 billion in development cash to the island nation since 2006. He promised to continue to fund programs in Haiti that are in progress, but no new ones.

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