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Extraordinary session in Parliament postponed due to lack of quorum

Only 70 Deputies and 16 Senators were present to respond to the request of convocation of the National Assembly in extraordinary session by President Martelly to Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras. Among the Group of 6, only Jean William jeanty was present to participate in the session.

The National Assembly that was delayed due to a lack of attendance by the members had a long agenda. However, the most important items are the ratification of the amendments to the electoral law and ratification of the General Policy of the Prime Minister, Evans Paul.

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with Max Mathurin CEP does not inspire confidence, Senators of G6

The last report about the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is it had been seated, a pre-condition for holding both legislative and local elections, now more than three years overdue. The sticky wicket has been the dubious appointment of Judge Wendelle Coq to the position of the Superior Council of the Judiciary's vice-presidency. Senator Moise Jean-Charles deems her appointment illegal. He fears because President Martelly has installed Judge Coq, he means to control the CEP through her.

And now it turns out the G6 Senators: Pierre Exius, Moise Jean-Charles, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé, Jean Jeanty, John Joseph, and Wesner Polycarpe are not satisfied with the seating of CEP, claiming ". . . CEP does not inspire confidence and is not constitutional . . ." They point to Article 289 as the basis for their opposition to the CEP as it is seated now. The G6 laments Martelly and Senate President Desras expect G6 to resolve the crisis they created.

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Opposition senators refuse to meet President Michel Martelly, not a smart move

For the 3rd time, the opposition senators or specifically the member of G6 were not present at the meeting with the Haitian President, Michel Martelly. President Michel Martelly has gone has gone an extra mile and has demonstrated flexibility. This time, he left the responsibility to schedule meeting with the group of 6 to Senator Desras. The President would like to have it on October 3, not in the National palace but rather in a place that would be determined between them.

One thing I was told a long time ago and still believe in is that: No one has the monopoly on the true.

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Senators of G6 Opposition pull the break on meeting with Michel Martelly

Not so fast man, that is the reaction of the 6 Senators in opposition who were supposed to meet with President Michel Martelly at the National Palace today. They were supposed to meet meeting this Monday, 01 September 2014, at 11am to find ways to iron their differences.

I can picture this already: Michel Martelly coming out of the meeting with Senator Moise Jean Charles, hugging each other. Don't keep your hope, this will never happen

No meeting with President Michel martelly will take place until the Senators meet with the real political parties in opposition. This meeting is scheduled to take place on September 2nd.

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