Fugitive Wesnel Isaac, Member Of The Zoe Pound Gang, Arrested

Finally Wesnel Isaac has been apprehended after a 7-year search for the man accused of murder, robbery and kidnapping. Wesnel holds the distinct reputation of being listed as one of his country's 15 most-wanted criminals.


Wesnel fled to Haiti after committing several violent crimes in Lee County. Detectives say that he never put up any fight when he they arrested him. The detectives started looking for him in 2007, after it emerged that he had committed a triple murder.

The crime that eventually convinced the police to conduct a massive manhunt for him took place in 2007. Wesnel allegedly kidnapped three men, before taking them to a Leigh Acres neighborhood and shooting them in their heads. The bodies of the three were later discovered inside a car that was abandoned. A month earlier, Weslen shot a man whose crime was that he failed to return a rental car as promised.

Detectives have proven that Wesnel is a member of the notorious Zoe Pound Gang. He was the enforcer in the group. According to the police, Zoe Pound Gang was once the main controller of the drug trade and similar activities around the North Fort Myers region.

Detectives are very happy because of the fact that they successfully ended a 7-year investigation. Prior to his arrest, police had offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who could provide information regarding Weslen's whereabouts.

Weslen Isaac was set to make his first appearance in court on Friday, May 16, 2014. Police expect him to spend a very long time behind bars.

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Subject: Fugitive Wesnel Isaac, Member Of The Zoe Pound Gang, Arrested edit

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