Importance of Periodic Government cabinet reshuffling

A cabinet reshuffle is commonly the only way to solve economic and social challenges faced by any country.


A cabinet reshuffle makes a way out for non-performing ministers and replaces them with fresh leadership. The action may also have ministers reassigned to different ministries. The exercise is done to get a non-performing nation back on course.

Prevailing leadership problems are as a result of the absence of proper management and vision in the government of a country and putting in place a new team helps regain confidence.

Here are some of the economic and social challenges that may require a sitting government to do a cabinet reshuffle.

1) The rise of public debt, retail price index and increasing taxation are some of the indicators that a nation is economically declining and leadership need to be changed.

2) Decline in tourism and reduced manufacturing levels may also require government reorganization.

3) Unemployment among the citizens and mismanagement of public resources may also be solved through involvement of fresh blood in leadership.

4) When there is high failure in government projects or projects are delayed then the situation requires a leadership solution.

5) Performances in health and labor sectors are other yardsticks that can be used to assess the need for a cabinet reshuffle. If the performance is degrading then the leadership needs to be rearranged.

6) There are many other reasons that may require change of governance in a nation. The essence of a reshuffle is to have new management, new vision and allow citizens to regain confidence with the government.

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