U.S. intelligence view on Haiti

A recent report from the Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Agency has revealed that as per its assessment on worldwide threat, the stability in Haiti will remain susceptible due to poverty and weak governing institutions. . The Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (ITA) monitors, researches and analyzes on matters related to international and domestic terrorism on behalf of Diplomatic Security Service (DS) and U.S. intelligence community. Haiti's development projects and security issues mostly depend upon the assistance from international communities.


The country has planned to increase the size of its security force from 10,000 to 15,000 by 2016 but we should also remember that the international support which is presently vital for the country's sustenance is gradually fading. The process of reconstruction and development programs in Haiti should be continued with a long term perspective. The Haitians have learned not to trust politicians from their experiences. Moreover, the country has remained defenseless to natural disasters, food shortage, unemployment, poverty and many other issues which have continuously retarded every development process.

Experts are of opinion that weak governance, poverty, underdevelopment and marginalization create a breeding ground for militancy. Marginalization is also referred as 'social exclusion' which is a process in which individuals or people of an entire community is blocked from their rights, opportunities and resources--it is when someone is pushed to the edge and accorded lesser importance.

The work of ITA is comprised of four categories of security threat that include political violence and crime, threats along with real-time threat assessments to all U.S. missions overseas. ITA guides Diplomatic Security Service Management in the allocation of overseas security resources and programs.

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