Me Francisco René fired as Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince

The day has come when Me Francisco René is obligated to "Prendre ses Affaires" and leave his powerful position as the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. The rug has been removed under his feet. I want to take a piece in the classic from Maurice Sixto in his piece Zabelbok Ber-a-Chat and I find myself on the side of "Manzè Sandrine" to say: "Kabelbok Perdi Paryag sa"


Me Francisco René who recently replaced Me Lucmane Delille in office as the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince was fired on November 27, 2013.He was the 9th Commissioner of Government under President Michel Martelly.

Zabel!, Zabel!

According to Abraham Lincoln: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power"

To borrow some sentences from Metre Zabelbok Ber-a-Chat, Me Francisco René is probably saying: " Le Pays ne peut pas continue a fonctionner sans mes conseilles, sans mes connaissances"

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Subject: Me Francisco Rene fired as Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince edit

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