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Guy Philippe summoned to the Parquet of Jeremie, May 24

Problem will never end. The former rebel leader Guy Philippe has been summoned to appear in front of the Parquet of Jeremie tomorrow, May 24, 2016, to answer to the accusations related to the attackers on the police station in the town of Les Cayes. The summon came from the government commissioner to the Court of first instance, Roosevelt Zamor.

Will Guy Philippe answer this call of the Parquet of Jeremie?

He is a candidate for the Senate of Grande Anse, not yet an official entitled to any immunity.

Time will tell!

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Guy Philippe wans Jocelerme Privert not to go after him

Guy Philippe is one man who does not wear his pants for good fabric. The Senate candidate of Grand'Anse sent a warning to President Jocelerme not to send any armed individuals in his direction as the government is trying to blame him for the recent attack on the Police Station in Cayes. His enemies are not in the Police Station in Cayes but instead at the National palace. Guy Philippe is also calling on the population of Grand'Anse to get ready to cut roads in case of an eventual attack; that he will do the rest because he has well prepared men ready to face the men of Privert.

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Guy Philippe threatened to remove Grand'Anse from Haiti

Guy Philippe is back. The former rebel army who contributed to the exile of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is now making new threats. According to Guy Philippe, if a Transitional Government is put in place to replace following the departure of the Martelly government, he will remove Grand'Anse Department from the rest of the country. He criticized the CEP for the postponement of the January 24th election and concluded that the country can't function without a representative from his Department in the Senate. The only way he would allow a Provisional Government to take over is with proper representation from Grand'Anse.

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Haiti Yam Production in Grand Anse and Valley of Jacmel

From September 4 to September 6, 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture organized and hosted a workshop along with Natural Resources and Rural Development, through the Office of the Secretary of State for Agricultural Recovery, Joseph Vernet, to facilitate talks that could bring forth a program that would give support to the yam value chain. The workshop, held in Torbeck, was financed by the Swiss Cooperation in Haiti.

There have been some areas of improvement in Haiti where yam farming is concerned. The sector has been endowed by the Swiss Development Cooperation from 2015 to 2020. Also, since the past 5 years, the product grew significantly from 344,500 metric tonnes in 2010 to 500,000 metric tonnes last year. This 45% increase was seen in the National Yam Productions areas that cover approximately 30,000 hectares in Grande Anse, spots in Pilate, Piacenza and the Valley of Jacmel.

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