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Grand-Goave: From Establishment To The 2010 Earthquake

The town of Grand-Goave in the Ouest Department has dealt with a lot of things since its establishment. Grand-Goave, which has 7 communal sections, is among the oldest towns in the country. It has been existing since the Amerindians' occupation. Back then, it was called Goave but it was renamed into aguava by Spanish discoverers in the 16th century. The name Grand-Goave was coined during the French colonization, when the town was divided with Petite Goave.

Since then, the town has survived many challenges and trials. It can be recalled that the 2010 earthquake that shook the entire country badly hit Grand-Goave too. Buildings and structures were severely damaged. According to reports, 90% of all buildings and infrastructure in the town were destroyed by the 7-magnitude earthquake, which claimed thousands of lives. Public offices and schools were among those that did not withstand the force. Not only that, the earthquake led to a massive landslide that eventually formed a dam near the Grande Goave River. This posed a threat to the entire town because the rainy season could cause the dam to release water straight into the community.

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