Haiti - U17 Football team Grenadiers beat Saint Lucia

One of the most memorable days for the under 17 years team of the Haitian national team is definitely when they beat the famous giants of Saint Lucia. This was a one time occurrence but the most famous and memorable to all football fans and players in Haiti. They were able to easily make a 3-0 win over the famous football giants a fact which did go down history as one of the few reasons why everyone should believe totally in the ability of the team to become one of the best teams in the near future. It acted as a means to prove that in the near future the team which is to replace the current national team will be a force to reckon with and that it is one of the youngest and most energetic team to watch out for.


Past matches against the Grenadiers have shown the Saint Lucians to being more energetic and composed all through the match but this time curtains drew on them such that they were not able to defend their own line leave alone going through the Grenadiers` defense line. It was one fop the matches that will forever remain in the minds of those who witnessed the occasion and will go down history as one of the times Haitians were most proud to be Haitians.

There is a very sad history in the country where they have undergone much different political turmoil where the citizens suffered gravely under different ruthless leaders. However, with such occurrences, it is stipulated to become a great nation with all potential of becoming a superpower on its own.

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