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Former candidate Jean Marie Liphete, shot dead in Petion-Ville

Jean Marie Liphete, who is a former Candidate for Deputy in Petit-Trou-de-Nippes under the banner PONT was shot to dead in Petion-Ville on Friday, May 27, 2016. Liphete who never accepted defeat received a little bit over 43 percent of the votes during the last election and lost to Claude Luc Guillaume from Renmin Ayiti who received 56%.

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Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Etenel Loto, shot, in critical condition

We just learned that Eric Jean Baptiste who is the owner of Pere Etenel Loto has just been shot in Port-au-Prince. He is currently in the hospital where the doctors are attempting to save his life

Update: 3.17.15 (12:15):
We learned that the gunshot was self inflicted and an accident. According to family members, he was cleaning his own gun at home and did not realize there was another bullet left inside the gun. We also learned that he is no longer in danger and expected to survive this accident.


Eric Jean Baptiste , Pere Etenel Loto , recevwa bal. Li nan yon kondisyon ki kritik

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Well known Music promoter, Ewald Etienne, shot and killed in Montreal

Music promoter, Ewald Étienne, was gunned down last Thursday, December 17, 2014 in front of his home close to Maurice-Duplessis Blvd. in Montreal

Ewald Stephen who was 35 years old was also a cafe owner and bank employee. He has been described by many as a very kind and gentle person.

Haitian-born, Montreal-based show promoter Ewald Etienne became the 27th homicide victim for the city for the year when he was murdered in Rivière-des-Prairies, Montreal. The victim, 35 years of age, sustained at least one gunshot to the upper body in the incident that took place on 63rd Avenue, outside of a home near Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard.

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Little Haiti Boy(14) committed suicide after killing older brother(16) over clothes

I guess that young children do not resolve conflicts the way they use to. I just remember when I was a young boy, I would fight with my sibling and my friends with my bear hands. Some time I would be the victime; but a lot of time, ending up with bloody noze, etc. and in e few days, we will be friends all over again. I woud never once think about usig knive or even worst a gun to destroy the other person's life.

I think kids now are more pragmatic. If there is a problem, why not solve it for ever? The same way they spend lots of time killing the opponents in video games they play frequently.

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Team Lobey artist O-Gun shot in the face

We received information that artist O-Gun of the popular music band Team Lobey was shot in the face. The incident took place as he was leaving his studio on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 in Port-au-Prince.

Team Lobey, a major player in Haitian Kanaval for the past several years may have to take it easy this year.

Team Lobey artist, O-Gun was shot as he was returning home. According to his Producer Ti Hantz, he's going to be ok

Hopefully, this was a minor injury to artist O-Gu and that Team Lobey will be able to perform in the 2014 Haiti National Kanaval in Gonaives

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Warning To Haitians Visiting The United States

A warning has been issued to citizens of Haiti against all non essential travel to the United States especially considering the current situation prevailing there. In Washington D.C. the highest number of hate crimes has been committed. To respond to emergencies or crimes, the local authorities have limited abilities in certain areas.

Reasons To Avoid Travel

Shootings on a mass scale, gun violence, depression at high rate, ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder and epidemic rates of people getting overweight, etc are on the rise in the US. Citizens of Haiti are urged to exercise caution while visiting US.

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Lesly Martelly, Cousin of President Michel Martelly shot two times

The Insecurity in Haiti does not discriminate. A cousin of President Michel, Lesly Martelly, has become the latest victim of insecurity in Haiti as he was shot by a gunmen during an attempted robbery in Delmas 2, Port-au-Prince.

The shooting incident took place Tuesday, December 18, 2012

According to Radio Kiskeya, the bandits opened fire on Lesly Martelly to rob his car. Martelly was taken to the hospital immediately where he had to undergo surgery. The victim is not in dangeras reported by government officials.

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Haitian Students Face Off with Police over the death of Damael d'Haiti

On Monday, November 13, 2012 Haitian students continued their demonstration over the death of one of their owns. This was the third day of non stop protest, where students are demanding justice for the death of Damael d'Haiti, a student shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend at the School of Law and Social Sciences in Port-au-Prince.

"En Ayiti, Jistis Se moun Ki Ba Tet ou Sa..."

Haitian police and CIMO surrendering the protesters, blocked their exit from the law school, and fired tear gas. It has been reported that many people were affected by the gas. Children returning from school as well as other people going about their activities were affected.

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Wyclef Jean was not shot, but cut by glass

Haitian Police and Doctor who treated Wyclef Jean denied the story that he was hit by a bullet on the day before the election in Haiti. According to International Business Time that met with the doctor, "Jean was received a minor cut on his right hand from a glass. Also Police Chief of Petionville, Vanel Lacroix, confirmed that his investigation revealed that Jean was only cut by glass.

Here is a picture of the hand claimed by Jean was hit by bullet:

In an interview given to CNN, Wyclef jean said: "We hear what is called in Haitian Creole "Katoush" the sound of the boom.

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Wyclef Jean was shot in Port-au-Prince on the eve of Haiti Run-off election

It was confirmed by my own sources that Wyclef Jean was in fact shot yesterday in Delma. According to his spokesperson, Cindy Tanenbaum, the wound was superficial. Wyclef Jean was taken immediately to the Hospital, and because the injury was not severe, he was released soon after.

So far, the election day is unfolding in a relatively calm environment. There have been some poling places that opened late. In one center, it was reported that by mid-day the election materials were still not in place and consequently the voters were unable to exercise their voting rights.

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