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Charles Henri Baker abandoned dream to become president of Haiti

The agro-industrial, former member of the Group of 184 (G 184), three times presidential candidate Charles Henri Baker feels that the Haitian electorate doesn't trust him and that his chance to become president will may never happen. Consequently, he has announced that he will no longer run for the presidency of Haiti.

in 2005, Charles Henri Baker and his Respè coalition received 8.24 percent of the vote. President Rene Preval was elected that year for 5 years. In 2010 he ran again but was not in favorable position to win. His latest attempt was the last election when he once again came up short.

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Haiti Presidential Candidate Jean Chevalier Sanon, is Canadian

After Jacky Lumarque and François Levelt another presidential candidate for the upcoming election in Haiti has been excluded from the race. This time, it is Mr, Jean Chevalier Sanon who has been excluded from the race for misrepresenting his nationality. According to the CEP, he is a Canadian citizen and has been holing a Canadian passport.

Investigation conducted by the CEP revealed that the candidate Jean Chevalier Sanon is in possession of a Canadian passport, number JK702380.

Mr. Jean Chevalier Sanon is in violation of section 135 of the Haiti Constitution, paragraph (1), 36 of the Electoral Decree, paragraph (a) which stipulates that to be elected president in Haiti, you must be a Haitian of origin and never renounce your nationality at the time of registration. As a consequence, his case will be transferred to the criminal criminal courts.

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Jean-Max Bellerive declares his candidacy for President

Breaking news. Former Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive just announced that he's candidate for the next Presidential election in Haiti.

Jean-Max Bellerive was Prime Minister under President Rene Preval, nominated on October 30, 2009, to replace former Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis.

There were some allegations made on Mr. Bellerive and gold in Haiti

What do you think

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