VERITE No Longer Participating in Elections

VERITE political party has made the hard decision not to press forward for the second round of voting on October 25th. During the first round of voting back in August it was the victim of purposeful and vicious attacks at its polling stations throughout Haiti. No one knows if VERITE's bowing out of the election will bring more violence during the second round. The pull-out, some believe, will destabilize the island.


VERITE is an intimidating political force to Tet Kale, President Martelly's party. And it is suspected Tet Kale may have been behind the violence on Election Day. VERITE has also sustained a blow regarding its participation in the presidential elections. The corrupt Provisional Electoral Council ignored a Court of Auditors ruling, which said VERITE's candidate for president, Jacky Lumarque, did not need a discharge certificate, because he never handled any public funds as a government official. Front runner, Lumarque, also poses a threat to Tet Kale's candidate, Jovenel Moise. So the PEC has decided, in defiance of the high court ruling, to keep Lumarque from running.

The Haitian government has been in a bit of shambles since January when a date for elections had not been set by the 12th, 2015. The delay caused Parliament to fold and gave Martelly the power to rule by decree since then. Parliamentary elections had been delayed for the past four years. And it is probable the PEC had something to do with the delays, they and Martelly.

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