Is BOID Bridade a repressive Police force or crime fighter in Haiti

The publicity received recently by the newly created brigade in the Haiti National Police force has not been very helpful. For the past several weeks, the Brigade D'Operation et D'Intervension Departmentale(BOID)has been observed, recorded and video taped committing several acts of abuse on the Haitian population. So far, not too many people have agreed or supported these kind of behaviors from our Police.


It reminds us too much of the old dictatorships in our history. It has been rumored that the agents selected to be part of the new BOID brigade are people with criminal history. Some suggested that many who have incorporated the unit are criminals who have been deported from the United states and other countries.

Police chief Godson Orelus came to the defense of the new BOID brigade and wanted to get some facts straight. He stated that it is absolutely false that deported criminals have incorporated the Police. Mr. Orelus went on to say that the unit was created following the adoption of a resolution and with the 25th Police promotion and other agents already in function. BOID which is expected to be deployed in all ten Departments has for mission to fight crime.

WATCH (M)VIDEO: Haiti Police getting abusive after election results

What do you think?

Do you think BOID Bridade is fulfilling his mission to fight crime or has it been a repressive force?

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Graham Sivers says...

As a frequent visitor to Haiti from Canada, this video is very disturbing.

Having been shown here and elsewhere in the world I believe the burgeoning tourist business will never succeed with thugs like this in every Department.

Hello Dominican

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Nestor Mateo says...

Hell do. That is not what the country

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Subject: Is BOID Bridade a repressive Police force or crime fighter in Haiti edit

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