Little Haiti, Speckled With Art since At Least 1994, Before Wynwood

The Wynwood Art District, in the neighborhood of Miami was founded in the early 2003 by a group of art dealers, artists and curators. Once it was a home of over 70 galleries and museums and was a haven for local artists in the early 2000s.


Gradually, Wynwood district became the epicenter of new Miami. The sudden surge in the real estate price, gentrification and higher rent forced many artists and gallery owners to migrate to some other nearby affordable locations while the art loving community kept moving towards Little Haiti. Unlike the art people of Wynwood, the artists and gallery owners of Little Haiti had preferred buying spaces instead of hiring.

Thus, the signs of Little Haiti's impending transformation are visible everywhere. Little Haiti, founded by Haitian community leader Viter Juste with its street arts has been there since 1994. Art lovers are now finding this place "ripe for exploration". Many are finding Little Haiti, the cultural heart for the Haitian Diaspora, is still a few places where small business owners can exist and flourish.

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Subject: Little Haiti, Speckled With Art since At Least 1994, Before Wynwood edit

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