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General Panic as Haitian Parliament hit with stones and bottles

The session that was supposed to take place at the Haitian parliament to determine the future of the provisional president Jocelerme Privert once again did not take place and once again the political crisis continues. Although the politic of "empty chair" continues with some, the pro Privert crowd who were protesting in the streets yesterday did not make things any easier at the Haitian Parliament. Some protesters attempted to penetrate into the institution, forcing both employees and parliamentarians to ran for shelter. These protesters threw stones and bottles towards the parliament building before the police later resumed control of the situation

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Haiti Parliament Building Destruction

The ceremony for laying the first stone of the Haitian Parliament Building destroyed in the 2010 earthquake was attended by then Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in the presence of other Haitian government officials and diplomats. It is a more than 3-year old news story (dated January 3, 2013). A Dominican firm 'Constructora Hadom' was awarded a contract valuing $33.7 million to reconstruct it and as per Prime Minister Lamothe's statement, "it would provide the country with modern public buildings to strengthen republican institutions and to improve the image of the state." Later, it was learned that, then President Martelly received a kick-back of $2.6 million from a Dominican Senator named Félix Ramon Bautista for awarding three separate government contracts valuing $343.32 million to three different companies belonging to Bautista. Bautista owns a 98% stake in Constructora Hadom. A recent spot investigation made by UCLPB concludes that it was a total waste of money as nothing has been done for the amount disbursed so far. Another project, a temporary reconstruction of the Haitian Parliament Building (started in November 2011), a high-profile $1.9 million USAID project, also moved at a snail pace.

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National Assembly session blocked for 10 million Gourdes

National Assembly session that was supposed to take place last Thursday did not happen. Causes: boycott by the majority of senators and representatives over money issue. The decided to boycott the session because 10 million gourdes allocated for communal funds were not included in the amending budget submitted by the Executive. The Parliamentarians threatened not to allow the National Assembly to take place unless the executive includes the 10 million gourdes allocated for communal funds

What do you think?

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Dominican Company disappeared with 10 million to build the Parliament building

This is either a case of ignorance, total incompetence or where several Con Artists get together to defraud the Haitian government. In 2010, the Haitian Government signed a contract with Dominican firm HADOM to build the Haitian Parliament that was destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. The government gave them $10 million US before seeing any result.

The received the first disbursement of over $10 million from the Haitian government to start construction. Since then, they are no where to be found. When UCLPB went to visit the workk site, they concluded it was a waste of money as not much was done for the amount disbursed so far. The new government of Jocelerme Privert and Enex jean-charles has agreed to have another construction to come and finish the job

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De facto Prime Minister Evans Paul must resign with elected parliament in function

Senator Francisco Delacruz has decided to add insult to injury with the current electoral crisis in Haiti. The Senator of Plateau Central has declared that the newly elected parliament scheduled to enter in function on January 11 can not co-exist with the actual prime minister and that the later must resign immediately following their investiture. As you may remember, Prime Minister Evans Paul did not occupy this function according to the Haitian constitution but rather as a result of a negotiation. As a De facto Prime minister, he was not ratified by the legislative branch and consequently can not be sanctioned by them either.

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Extraordinary session in Parliament postponed due to lack of quorum

Only 70 Deputies and 16 Senators were present to respond to the request of convocation of the National Assembly in extraordinary session by President Martelly to Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras. Among the Group of 6, only Jean William jeanty was present to participate in the session.

The National Assembly that was delayed due to a lack of attendance by the members had a long agenda. However, the most important items are the ratification of the amendments to the electoral law and ratification of the General Policy of the Prime Minister, Evans Paul.

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Institutional dialogue between Parliament and Executive

24-Hour Countdown to Agreement to End Feuding between Executive and Legislative Branches

The Haitian government has been trying to resolve its internecine conflicts and the pressure is on to sign a political agreement within the next 24 hours. Bishop Aris verified that Phase II of the Inter-Haitian dialogue had begun, and the participants had 24 hours to come to an agreement that would restore stability to the government.

Senator Desras does not feel Parliament has been given enough say-so during the proceedings. He says that even though Parliament is a primary player in Phase II, it was not given a big enough role during Phase I, as it ". . . should have been mentioned as a witness." Desras also says it is best the political agreement be signed once all conflicts have been resolved with the Executive Branch. He anticipates President Martelly will be one of the signatories to the agreement. He adds the signature of President Martelly is just a formality, although an important one, that it ". . . is not his signature but its implementation . . ."

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Did Haitian parliament negotiate out its relevance in new accord?

I guess anything can be negotiated. According to the new accord reached at El Rancho Hotel in Port-au-Prince on March 14, 2014, The Haitian Parliament, including the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have exactly 10 Days to vote or amend the Electoral law. Now, knowing what we know about our beloved Haitian parliament, how likely is that to happen?

This is a new way to govern in Haiti, by accord.

Mezanmi, ki sa nou panse de sa? Eske se yon bon bagay pou accor-a bay Paleman seleman 10 jours pou yo passe Lwa, pandan ke nou konnin sa pap janm fet?

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Haitians Honored for commitment and consistency in 2013

Several individuals in Haiti have been commended by parliament for their hard work and perseverance in being strong contenders for freedom of speech, press, equalitarianism, etc.

They are: Frantz Duval, Emmelie Prophet Milce Jean Tholbert Alexis Simon Dieuseul Desras Gary Pierre-Paul Charles, Anthony Pascal aka"Konpè Filo" Marie Lucie Bonhomme and Me Carlos Hercules and Francis Concite

These individuals received plates of honor for their promotion of these freedoms and rule of law in their country. Two branches of parliament have deemed these individuals brave peace workers who would step forth when many others may have been too timid.

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