Roger Dorsinville Sound Library an Education Tool for Visually Impaired

Knowledge and Freedom Foundation and Haitian Blind Aid Society (AAHS) have joined forces to create a library for visually impaired Haitians, an underserved population in Haiti. The European Union (EU) has provided much of the funding in partnership with Libraries Without Borders (BSF).


The sound library, named because all works are recorded on audio tapes by volunteer readers, follows a format based on a Canadian model. The books have been recorded in both Créole and French by students and artists. The material chosen is suited to the age and interests of the readers. The readers have shown a spirited interest in the project, signing up to be volunteers.

AAHS had been recording reading material at Objective Productions, but decided it wanted a recording studio of its own to increase its sound inventory. They seized on an opportunity when the World Innovation Summit on Education offered grants for selected projects. AAHS's submission was chosen for an education grant.

AAHS has been in existence since 1952. Their mission is to integrate the visually impaired into Haitian society. They support a number of programs, including educating, tutoring, and training in Braille. Their agenda reaches into health services and advocacy for the visually impaired to live independent lives.

AAHS has affected the lives of 4,000 visually impaired. Programs are run in nine departments and 66 metropolitan areas. Their students have excelled academically, 84.5% of them passing their finals over the national average of just 30%.

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