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The best way to ensure employee satisfaction is through giving the benefits that every hard-working employee deserves. The success and failure of a business or institution always relies on whether the people who work are happy, as this equates to work productivity. In a country of limited healthcare, Haiti's workers are in need of sufficient health programs from the government and the companies they work for.


In line with the Yuletide season, Haiti's Post Office announced earlier this month that it will be providing all its employees with the health program of the Office of Workers' Compensation Insurance, Sickness, and Maternity (OFATMA). This is in line with the initiative of the Post Office's Director General Regine Godefroy. The health program, which will be effective starting January 2013, will provide employees of the institution, both working in the cities and towns, with sufficient health care benefits and social protection for them and their families. The funding of OFATMA will be shouldered by the institution.

The healthcare benefits include free medical services like emergency, medical, surgical, and dental care, free hospitalization, compensation of hospital bills and sick leaves, paramedical services like pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, laboratory check-ups, mammography, radiography, and sonography, prevention services like vaccination and family planning, social services, and 24/7 ambulance services. For pregnant employees, they will be provided with free regular medical check-ups under OFATMA, as well as paid maternity leaves.

The employees of Haiti's Post Office are not the only ones receiving health insurance and healthcare benefits. OFATMA is currently catering to all of the country's departments.

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