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New Episcopal Church Cathedral in Port-au-Prince

The plans for a new episcopal cathedral, on the Port-au-Prince site of the old one, ruined in the 2010 earthquake, was unveiled recently at the Chicago meeting of the Episcopal Church Executive Council. The Holy Trinity Cathedral will be twice as big as the original and will be a landmark of new-found beauty, bonded with those pieces salvaged from the old church. The design was created through collaboration between the Episcopal Church, the Haitian Diocese, the Studio Drum Architects and Kerns Group Architects from Arlington, Virginia.

From the rubble the church had been able to save three murals of note around the world that depict traditional stories from the bible cast with characters of Haitian characteristics, and bronze bells that will be used in the new cathedral as part of the rebuilding.

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New National Music Program for Haiti

Haiti's National Institute of Music (NIM) is initiating a new program, the System of Orchestras and Choirs Juvenile and Infantile (SOCJI). Recently President Michel Martelly signed a contract with the Venezuelan government to begin designing and implementing SOCJI. Attending the signing were Haiti's Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, and Venezuelan Ambassador Pedro Canino.

A comprehensive project, SOCJI will supplement basic-education skills with a cultural- arts program. The idea began after President Martelly's attendance at an international summit in Venezuela in 2011. Delegates were invited to a concert where a gathering of 600 music students from across Venezuela performed. The students are part of Venezuela's El Sistema, a program created to develop student orchestras and choirs. The program is targeted at impoverished children and teens, who receive very little formal education. Martelly saw that it was a program that could be duplicated in Haiti, a country with many of the same challenges in building an education infrastructure as Venezuela.

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The Holy Trinity Cathedral Murals and its history with Haitian Painters

This is one of the best achievements of the Centre D'Art. Under the direction of DeWitt Peters and Selden Rodman, artists such as Philome Obin, Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Gabriel Leveque, Wilson Bigaud, Jasmin Joseph and Prefete Dufaud were all involved in this project to paint the Holy Trinity Cathedral Murals.

Located in downtown Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the Holy Trinity Cathedral was known for its interior murals painted by some of the most famous Haitian artists. The paintings inside the Cathedral depicted biblical stories only with black or African actors

Unfortunately, the Holy Trinity Cathedral was heavily damaged in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Holy Trinity Cathedral is located in Port-au-Prince, at the corner of Rue Pavee and Avenue Mgr. Guilloux

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