Top Businesses in Haiti To Invest In Now

Haiti's economy has tumbled, especially after the devastating earthquake in 2010. A lot of infrastructure was damaged, sending Haitians deeper into poverty. However, the country continues to take initiative to improve its economy and business market. As a matter of fact, it remains a free market economy that makes use of low labor costs and tariff-free exports to the United States market.


Haiti Business

The country is working to attract more investors so as to prop up its economy. There are top sectors and businesses in the country that provide good investment opportunities. One of these is the garment sector. Haiti showed a significant growth in its exports in the first quarter of 2009. It recorded a rise of 16.1%, much higher than China's growth of 0.3%. Currently, Haiti is considered as the fastest growing exporter of garments to the United States. It has a wide range of clients, including Levi's, Walmart, and JCPenny. Also, half of its garment manufacturers are expected to boost their work force and expand their factories in the coming year.

The agribusiness sector in Haiti also provides a great investment opportunity. It is widely known that Haiti mostly depends on the production of coffee and mango to continuously improve the agribusiness industry. Coca-Cola, a global company, has been planning to tap Haiti's mango industry for its business.

Haiti is a beautiful country and this is why the tourism sector has remained competitive. With its untapped natural landscapes and virgin sandy beaches, Haiti is one of the best tourist destinations across the globe.

These are only some of the key sectors in Haiti that investors will be wise to tap.

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