A Catalog of 200 Monuments & Haiti Sites by U.S. Embassy

Recently, on May 16, 2015, Joan Dithny Raton, the Haitian Minister of Culture in the presence of the U.S Ambassador in Haiti Ms. Pamela A. White at the historic Fort-Jacques, had symbolically delivered a copy of the book "200 Monuments and Sites of Haiti" in recognition of her country's contribution to the publication of this cultural document.


The National Heritage Protection Institute (ISPAN) was the architect behind the project of creating this directory of tangible Haitian heritage. They have completed the project with a fund assistance of a 2012 grant (US$41,500) received from the United States named "U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation", for the Preservation of Haitian heritage. The illustrated book includes photographs, drawings and period prints of the most characteristic representative of the monuments with great cultural values which were most visited by locals and tourists following the devastating 2010 earthquake.

During the occasion, Patrick Durandis, the Director of ISPAN has said that it is a matter of regret that our historic sites and our heritage are better known to others than the Haitians. In his response, Patrick Brutus, the Mayor of Pétionville has said that a proper introduction about our rich cultural heritage should be a part of our civic education and very other educational programs. Because, the monuments and sites mentioned in the book have relevance to our cultural history and diversity of civilization and the government has a moral responsibility to protect and preserve them. However, the Director General of ISPAN Engineer Patrick Durandis does not consider the first one thousand copies published in the first edition, provide an exhaustive inventory of our immovable heritage, but this reference document is a guide with full of crucial information for young university students, tourism professionals, researchers and schoolchildren. This will introduce them to a diverse rich culture and arouse interest to learn more about it.

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