Guy Malary Assassination

The 1990s was a long rough patch for Haiti and Guy Malary was one of the victims of that period in Haiti


The country was overwhelmed with chaos and violence due to political turmoil between the Haitian government under former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, during his first term in office, and several military leaders and groups. Thousands of individuals who advocated for change and for democracy lost their lives during this dark phase in Haitian politics. One of these noble men and women is Guy Malary.

Guy Malary was the former Justice Minister of Haiti, put into office by Aristide in 1991 and served until his untimely death in 1993. His term was Justice Minister was set in a country torn by violence and the thirst for control and power. He was given the very dangerous task of formulating and presenting laws and policies to the Haitian parliament's legislation that will divide the country's police from the military, a highly-sensitive issue during this time as the parliament was strongly divided with opposite opinions and stands regarding this suggested separation. Malary also sought for the implementation of the Governor's Island Accord and a positive change in Haiti's judicial system.

Malary's advocacies while Justice Minister of Haiti sparked enemies from opposing individuals and parties. This eventually led to his assassination on the 14th of October, 1993, by several members of FRAPH and the Haitian army. Port-au-Prince International Airport's domestic building and Toussaint Louverture International Airport's terminal for domestic flights were named after the late Malary to honor his bravery, dedication, and his contributions to the democracy Haitians now enjoy.

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