Is Nicholas Duvalier the leader to revive the "Duvalierist" as a party

Here is Nicholas Duvalier, the son of former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier and grand son of Francois Duvalier. Both Nicholas and Jean-Claude are currently living in the country and both meet the requirements to run for office.


I just want to bring this idea as I have seen it running its course in the social media. What do you think about an eventual candidacy of Francois Nicholas Duvalier for Senate at the next election in Haiti?

There are many interests and many potential candidates for the coming election that has not been scheduled yet. However, it will be one of the most important one as it will create the environment for the next presidential election in Haiti

Tankou mwen di, Eleksyon sa kap vini-an se yon nan pi gro eleksyon an Ayiti tande Ti Pap! Annou gade yon bagay: se premye eleksyon kote tout gro neg yo ou byen "Gro Zoizo" yo nan peyi-a. Yo tout ape planifye jwet yo pou yo vini pran pouvwa sa.

Se pa jwet ti moun kape jwe di tou. Lavalas nan jwet sa, Duvalier nan jwet sa, Tet Kale nan jwet sa, Tonton Sam nan jwet sa.

Mwen panse, group la ki ap pran direksyon payi-a nan eleksyon sa kap vini-an gin posiblite pou lo kinbe kod sa pou lontan

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Tito Bussico says...

General panic in Lavalas Political party as Nicholas Duvalier a potential candidate in next Haiti election.

I don't think too many people saw this one coming.

A potential candidacy of Nicholas Duvalier, the son of Jean-Claude Duvalier, in the next Senate election was far from the mind of most people who have been following Haitian politic.

However, according to some sources he is seriously considering his options and that there is a good chance that he will declare his candidacy

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Jules Caseus says...

Se vre Bougwa reaksyone yo k Makout yo dwe resevwa blam pou konpotman yo sepensan granmanje Lavalas yo, chime yo, ak tout kidnape to fe Pi mal.

Se peyi a pep la ki malad mem ki bezwen chanjman total kapital.

Annou mete tet ansanm pou moi rive nan chanjman saa. Annou chache jusis ak rekonsilyayob

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Pays se bourgois ak makout reactionnaires yo....

se yo kap volo...

se yo kap piye yo ki franchise douaniere...

yo pas lan payer taxes yo minm..

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Subject: Is Nicholas Duvalier the leader to revive the "Duvalierist" as a party edit

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