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Don't count on Jude Celestin without a Commission of Verification

The candidate of LAPEH, Jude Celestin, who was credited for stopping the election process recently by declaring that he was not going to participate in the election without the evaluation of a Commission of Verification has not changed his mind. last Friday he clearly indicated that he will not participate in the election until a credible Commission of Verification conducts the evaluation. According to Jean Hector Anacacis, the Coordinator of LAPEH, "the country wants to know what actually happened during the last elections in Haiti and without satisfying their demands, we can't ask them for their vote"

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Senate Jean Hector Anacasis di Prezidan Martelly se Jwe Kokin

Jude Celestin ba Prezidan Martelly Poto. Kontrèman ak bri kap kouri, Prezidan Michel Martelly pa t 'rankontre ak kandida Jude Celestin. Dapre Senatè Jean Hector Anacasis, Prezidan Michel Martelly te envite kandida Jude Celestin pou yon reyinyon, apre anons rezilta final la pa CEP. Sepandan reyinyon an pa t 'pran plas. Dapre Senatè Jean Hector Anacasis, Jude Celestin te refize rankontre ak prezidan an. Ana pè rantre na Jwet Kokin ak Prezidan Martelly.


Jude Celestin declined invitation to meet with Michel Martelly.

Contrary to the rumors that have been circulating President Michel Martelly did not meet with candidate Jude Celestin. According to Senator Jean Hector Anacasis, President Michel Martelly had invited candidate jude Celestin for a meeting, following the announcement of the final results by the CEP. However the meeting did not take place. According to Senator Jean Hector Anacasis, Jude Celestin declined to meet with the president.

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