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Jonas Coffy blamed Haiti weak justice system for not having Evans Paul in jail

Mr Jonas Coffy who is the current director of the Ministry Social Affairs in Haiti accused Former Prime Minister Evans Paul as being the one behind the recent increase in insecurity in the Haitian capital. He also accused him of stealing government fund while he was Prime Minister. Mr. Coffy was reacting to recent comments made by Former Prime Minister Evans Paul; specifically his statement: "konpoze or dekonpoze" which many people believe to be coded messages promoting public violence. According to Mr. Coffy, " It's a shame that our Judicial system is so weakened. Was it not the weakness of the Haitian justice, a citizen like Evans Paul would have been behind bars a long time ago"

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Jonas Coffy replaced Rudy Heriveaux at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

The leader of Party Ayisyen pou Ayiti, Jonas Coffy has been named to head the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor,
replacing Rudy Heriveaux. Both individuals have a Fanmi Lavalas background.

As early as few weeks ago, the president of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, Robert Fritz St. Paul, Ariel Joseph Jean and Saint-Just Momprevil informed the press that they were in the process of bringing a lawsuit against Jonas Coffy for defamation after the later had accused them on a radio station of receiving bribed by René Préval in the case of Jacky Lumarque.

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Michel Martelly invites the opposition to talk for third time, not to negotiate

As I have been told, if you try one time you don't succeed, try again. If you try a second time you don't succeed, you should try a third time. That is the case with the executive branch of government in Haiti and the opposition. The opposition has so far refused to seat down with President Martelly to find a solution to the electoral crisis

The six opposition parties who now seem to have the upper hand as January 12, 2015 approaches wants the discussions to go beyond current election. Levaillant Louis Jeune for INITE, Jean André Victor for MOPOD, Jonas Coffy for Ayisyen pou Ayiti, Rosemond Pradel for Fusion, Dr. Rudolph Prudent for Kontra Pèp La, all want everything to be included in the discussion, including the resignation of Presiden Michel Martelly.

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