Radio Kiskeya, The Trio Liliane Pierre-Paul, Marvel Dandin and Sony Bastien

Since its inception in 1994, Radio Kiskeya has been a popular addition to the Haitian sound-scape. Founded by Sony Bastien, Marvel Dandin and Liliane Pierre-Paul, three of Haiti's most revered journalists, already well known from their Radio Haiti Inter days, Radio Kiskeya reaches its listeners through relay programmes by its partners Platinum 88.9 FM in Camp Perrin, Tet a Tet 202.9 FM in Saint-Marc and Sans Souci 106.9 FM in Cap-Haïtien.


The station offers myriad ways in which to listen to their broadcast. Keeping up with the stations most popular shows like Public Interest and Pale Poun Vanse is possible by phone in The Dominican Republic, France and the United States. Other locales may keep tuned in on the internet. Those in Haiti need only to tune in to 88.5 to be a part of the Kiskeya listenership.

As the 6th most popular Port-au-Prince radio station, after a DAGMAR survey in 2010, the station, named after the old name for its country of origin, controls a 3.2% share of the audience within the city. A planned launch in 2012 for a companion television station, which has not yet come to fruition, would have seen their market share rise considerably with the bold move.

With its secular slant and shows on current affairs, intrepid news coverage and personalities of the likes of Lionel Trouillot, a prominent Haitian novelist, gracing the airwaves as the host of a literature programme, and a 2-hour call-in programme with host Marvel Danin, Radio Kiskeya has made a solid representation of themselves for their almost 20 year run.

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