Testimony of one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville, VIDEO

Here is the video of one of the criminals involved in one of the most despicable crimes in Haiti this year, the kidnapping, torturing and eventual killing of this young student, Lencie Mirville. The four main actors are: 1- Guerrier Jean Franck, 2- Bartelmy Edison, 3- Desir Jebson dit Sonsonn, 4- Geraldy B. William.


VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville


Desir Jebson also known as Sonsonn is the one seeing here in the video. he was a trusted person for the family of Lencie Mirville. He was the mechanic of the father who is a pastor. According to report, he was so trusted that he was involved in the negotiation for the release of the child. Ironically, sonson was the one who received the ransom directly from the family to take to the kidnappers. I assume that he did not have to go a long way since he was himself one of the kidnappers

Haitian Kreyol:

Temwayaj youn nan kidnapè Lencie Mirville yo, VIDEO

Gade videyo youn nan kriminèl yo ki te patisipe nan youn nan krim ki pi embesil an Ayiti ane sa a, kidnape, tòtire ak evantyèlman touye elèv Lencie Mirville. Kat aktè prensipal yo se:
1- Guerrier Jean Franck
2- Bartelmy Edison
3- Desir Jebson dit Sonsonn
4- Geraldy B. William.

Desir Jebson ke yo rele tou Sonson se youn nan yo ou wè isit la nan videyo a. li te yon moun fanmi an te fè konfyans. Li te mekanisyen papa ti moun nan, ki yon pastè. Dapre rapò, li te tèlman fè konfyans ke li te enplike nan negosyasyon pou liberasyon timoun nan. Iwonilman, Sonson te moun ki te resevwa ranson an ki sòti dirèkteman nan min fanmi an pou pran pou kidnapè yo. Mwen sipoze ke li pa t 'gen pou li ale byen lwen paske li te youn nan kidnapè yo

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Subject: Testimony of one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville, VIDEO edit

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