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FLASH - January - May 2016, 419 people murdered, 33 kidnapped in Haiti

The security continues to be a problem in Haiti. The possibility for one to be either murdered or kidnapped is real. According to the spokesman of the National Police of Haiti, Commissioner Frantz Lerebours, for the first five months in 2016 or between January and May 2016, 419 the PNH has officially recorded a total of 419 people murdered in Haiti. In January, 83 people were killed, in February: 81, March: 107, April: 80 and in May: 68. In addition, Commissioner Frantz Lerebours indicated that 33 cases of kidnapping were reported for the same period. In January, 4 reported cases of kidnapping, February: 14, March: 10, April: 3 and May: 2

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Florence Laraque Abducted and then released with a broken leg

Florence Laraque who was abducted on February 24, 2016 was released from captivity 24 hours later, suffering from a broken leg. Police suspected that she was abused by her kidnappers. No arrest was made

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo te kidnape Florence, yo lage li ak pye kase

Florence Laraque ke yo te kidnape 24 Fevriye, 2016 te lage 24 èdtan apre sa. Yon pye li te kase. Lapolis Sispèk ke li te abize pa kidnapè yo. Pa gen arestasyon ki te fè nan ka sa

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New kidnapping tactics in Haiti using seduction to target men

Men in Haiti must now be careful with their love life. They may think they are falling in love but instead may be falling right into a kidnapper's hands. According to inspector Garry Derosiers, spokesperson for Haiti National Police, kidnappers in Haiti are now using new strategies to commit acts of kidnapping. Here is how it works: Some young ladies would start seducing a men at a Disco club and invite them home. However, instead of taking the men to their home, they take them to their accomplices and demand ransom for their release.

What do you think?

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The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began

There is no guarantee that the trial of Clifford Brandt will ever end, or we will know the entire story, or all the other actors involved will be known; however the process has in deed started. He was arrested for the abduction and kidnapping of two children of the Moscosso family over three years ago. Finally, the trial of Clifford Brandt is scheduled to start today (January 28, 2016). His trial will be without a jury.

What do you expect fro this trial?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jijman kriminèl ki pi popilè an Clifford Brandt aper kòmanse

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Testimony of one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville, VIDEO

Here is the video of one of the criminals involved in one of the most despicable crimes in Haiti this year, the kidnapping, torturing and eventual killing of this young student, Lencie Mirville. The four main actors are: 1- Guerrier Jean Franck, 2- Bartelmy Edison, 3- Desir Jebson dit Sonsonn, 4- Geraldy B. William.

VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville


Desir Jebson also known as Sonsonn is the one seeing here in the video. he was a trusted person for the family of Lencie Mirville. He was the mechanic of the father who is a pastor. According to report, he was so trusted that he was involved in the negotiation for the release of the child. Ironically, sonson was the one who received the ransom directly from the family to take to the kidnappers. I assume that he did not have to go a long way since he was himself one of the kidnappers

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Judge Sonel Jean-Francois under pressure to release Sonson LaFamlia

There is a new article just released by Miami Herald that shows that there is a machine in place to get Woodly Etheart, alias Sonson Lafamilia out of prison. But so far, the y have been unsuccessful due to the commitment of investigative Judge Sonel Jean-Francois.

According to the article, the judge is asking that the leader of Gang Galil stand trial for the kidnapping of of Haitian businessman Sami El Azzi as well as the 15 other individuals between 2008 and 2014. The article revealed that Gang Galil collected over $1.5 million in ransom during that time. Judge Sonel Jean-Francois pointed out Woodly Etheart and accomplice Renel Nelfort to be the intellectual authors of gang Galil

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Haitian Government knew who had kidnapped Moscoso children but did not intervene

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) has made public some very interesting information about Clifford Brandt and his kidnapping Network. This is something that may be shocking to many; however, the report indicated that the current Haitian government had some pretty good information about who had kidnapped Nicolas Moscoso and Coralie Moscoso, they ad decided not to be involved.

Are you serious?

What is the purpose for electing a president of a country?

"Papa Desalyn, Nou Mélé"

The RNDDH reported that it was not until the U.S. government got involved that the Haitian authorities decided to act. Luckily, The Moscoso family had contacted about the kidnapping

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Common Targets Of Kidnappers In Haiti

Haiti kidnapping

Kidnapping cases in Haiti are high. As a matter of fact, the Caribbean nation has been considered one of the world's kidnapping capitals. Victims are not mainly targeted based on their profession, age, gender or social class.

According to a report by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, everyone in Haiti is at risk of getting kidnapped. Just because a person is poor or unpopular does not mean that he/she would never be a victim.

In fact, some reports noted that most victims are poor because wealthy people often have a security team to protect them and ensure their safety. However, other reports stated that kidnappers are more likely to set their sights on rich people and those who look like they have money to pay for ransom.

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Hot Kidnapping Areas In Haiti

Haiti kidnapping

Haiti has been included in the list of kidnapping capitals in the world. Even if the country has recorded a decline in its kidnapping cases in the past, the number remains very high. Kidnappers in Haiti do not select victims based on their gender, age, nationality or race. As long as they have the opportunity to snatch someone, they will.

There are areas in Haiti that one must avoid due to security and safety concerns. Port-au-Prince, the country's capital, has a high crime rate. Slum areas in the capital, including Cite Soleil, Carrefour, Martissant, and the Delmas road area are hot spots for criminals. The same goes for urban route Nationale #1, the Boulevard Toussaint L'Ouverture and the American Road. Even public transportations are not safe because criminals, including kidnappers, can attack people in these areas.

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